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Home and Away actress Courtney Miller shares her body image struggles.

Home and Away star Courtney Miller spoke about her previous body image struggles.
The 23-year-old starlet playing Bella Nixon on the soap had revealed her first body image memories to The Saturday Telegraph when she was just ten years old. I remember thinking that I was tall as compared with some of my friends, ' she said.

The brunette added that she started to compare herself with others from there.' It's terrifying how bad it can get, and the thing I've found is that the way we look doesn't decide who our happiness is and shouldn't determine, "she noted.
Courtney also spoke of the expectations to stay slim because of being on television.

I've never had cookies. I'm not eating lollies. And being on TV does hone it in a little more.' Brunette beauty insists that she keeps a lifestyle 'perfect.' 
This comes as Courtney experiences a push for social media called Love Your Shape. The initiative, which can be seen on Instagram, aims at uniting women of all shapes and sizes and sharing stories of self-love and confidence. Courtney revealed last year that each week she works as a Lifeline counselor helping people in emotional distress.

The trained psychologist, who graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, told The Daily Telegraph last year:' I am becoming a different person, I am really doing it. It's sort of like acting. I became Professional Courtney" on the phones.' In 2018 Courtney joined the cast of Home and Away as Bella Nixon.

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