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Home and Away airs departure decisions for Tori and Christian

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Home and Away airs departure decisions for Tori and Christian

With Tori and Christian’s wedding approaching, Australian watchers saw the two lovebirds discussing honeymoon possibilities. While they originally struggled to find something that worked for both of them, when Tori (Penny McNamee) proposed London, they looked to be on the same page.

However, Christian (Ditch Davey) threw a surprise when he suggested that instead of just honeymooning in London, they could move there.

Tori initially mistook his suggestion for a joke before becoming alarmed when she realized he was serious. Do you want to relocate to London? Leave her friends and family behind and uproot her entire life? What about her profession?

All of her questions were valid, but Christian quickly calmed her worries and persuaded her that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t such a crazy notion after all. A relocation abroad could help her progress her work, and her friends and family will always be available on the phone. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Even new Dr. Logan (Harley Bonner) aided her decision by bringing up her anxiety of stepping outside of her comfort zone.

She eventually began a tentative job hunt in the metropolis, never expecting to find anything suitable. However, the chance was on her side, and she was able to find and apply for a Head of ED position in a London hospital, eventually landing an interview.

Tori underestimated the time difference between London and Sydney, resulting in the interview panel calling an hour before she expected when she was still eating breakfast in her dressing gown.

While Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Christian experienced a frenzied hurry to get Tori dressed and made up, Justin (James Stewart) managed to stall them for a few minutes by taking on the role of her secretary.

They pulled it off, and Tori eventually aced the interview.

After a few days without hearing anything, she reluctantly accepted that it wasn’t going to work out. She was startled to get an email at the end of Tuesday’s Australian program informing her that she’d been successful — the position in London was hers if she wanted it.

The main stumbling block was that they wanted her to start in two weeks! It was all too soon in Tori’s mind, and her first instinct was that she couldn’t take the position.

Tori and Christian discussed the important choice on Wednesday’s episode, with Tori hesitant to postpone their wedding preparations for the second time. She can’t bear the thought of having to reschedule their dream wedding after waiting so long.

Christian eventually persuaded her that they could pull it off. Instead of the lavish wedding of their dreams, they might have a modest, personal ceremony in Summer Bay, allowing them enough time to pack their belongings and go to the other side of the globe… next week!

After months of fan speculation, it looks like Tori and Christian are indeed leaving Summer Bay.

While the pair were obviously ecstatic about the development, Justin was less happy.

He murmured a hushed congrats when they told him and Leah the good news before hurriedly exiting and heading to the garage.

When Leah went to see if he was well, he said that he’d never understood their desire to move to London since he never thought his sister would obtain the job.

Now that it’s happening, he’s afraid he’ll say something stupid and disclose that he doesn’t want her to leave.

It didn’t take long for that exact thing to happen.

Tori came up with him on the beach and didn’t give him a chance to say anything before asking him to be the one to give her away. She can’t think of anyone better to lead her down the aisle now that their parents are gone, and Justin has been her support for most of her life.

Regrettably, the increased stress prompted him to lose his cool. He only managed a “no, no” before bolting, leaving his sister befuddled.

Will he be able to process Tori’s big decision before her wedding day arrives?

Tori and Christian’s wedding is set to run on Thursday, September 23, and Monday, September 27 in Australia, according to a recent trailer for the event.

Tori is seen in her wedding gown and makeup, holding a bouquet of flowers, in the trailer, which also shows boxes piled high by the Morgan house’s front entrance. The relocation has begun!

Prepare to cry, since Tori and Christian’s emotional farewell appears to be aired early next week. These sequences will be seen by UK audiences in early November.

With Tori’s departure from Summer Bay, Justin is the only Morgan family member left. They first arrived in 2016, however, Brody (Jackson Heywood) and girlfriend Simone left in June 2019, and Mason (Orpheus Pledger) died in the season finale of 2019.

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