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Home and away.Bella’s secret pain,Bella is unwilling to get professional help.

Desperately seeking to get the medical help she needs from his younger sister, Bella (Courtney Miller), an anguished Colby (Tim Franklin) is faced with nothing but opposition from the deeply troubled girl.
This is such a significant storyline concentrating on Bella's emotional well-being," says CourtneyBella is really in a poor state, with no desire to seek assistance but really wanting to do it as well.
Here and there an outer individual is required. It must where it's undeniable what she needs to do."


Because Bella claims she really does not need to open up to Patricia. The girl is afraid that she will misinterpret anything unintentionally that will expose the truth that her beloved brother murdered her father Ross. She is so scared of what she knows, "Courtney clarifies." A therapist in Bella's psyche is somebody you admit your mysteries too, and she can't bear to uncover their privileged insights.

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