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Home and Away: Dean’s surprise proposal.

His friendship with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is now back on track – and again in the realm of Dean (Patrick O'Connor), everything seems perfect.

"When Dean saw Ziggy there was such a massive sense of relief for him after hospital siege," says Patrick."He's realized how important Ziggy is to him." Relocating from Caravan Park to the spare room at his best mate Colby's apartment (Tim Franklin) this week, the River Boy .agrees that he's willing to take the next step with Ziggy as well.

He needs an attractive mechanic to move in with him!

"I think Dean thinks like saying to Ziggy that this is a way to show her that she has grown and that her priorities are more compatible with her expectations," says Patrick.

"He still likes Ziggy and needs to take on more responsibility for the future." But while Dean is up for this move, the young mechanic may not be as keen on the idea as it seems.


Will Ziggy move in with Dean?

Caught totally off guard, Ziggy runs away without giving an answer to a shocked Harry.

"He's mortified and thinks he's freaked Ziggy out." Shortly after, Ziggy confides in Justin (James Stewart) at the office, confessing to her employer that she worries her friendship with

But with Dean still waiting for Ziggy's reaction, she's never felt any more confused.

"Ziggy and Dean definitely aren't all smooth sailing," Sophie says.

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