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Home and Away exclusive: Bonnie Sveen spills on a possible return to the soap

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From 2013 until 2016, Bonnie Sveen portrayed Ricky Sharpe on Home and Away.

winner of a Logie In 2013, Bonnie Sveen gained notoriety for her role as Ricky Sharpe on Home and Away. Though she rapidly won over admirers, the actress first felt under pressure as Darryl “Brax” Braxton’s (Steve Peacocke) new love interest.

When Bonnie and Steve left the show in 2016, many were saddened. The blonde from Tasmania then starred in Seven’s The Hidden Daughter alongside singer Jessica Mauboy. She has since been occupied with parenting twin children with assistant director Nathan Gooley and giving voice to others who lack it.

Fans of Summer Bay’s most popular characters, Brax, Heath, and Casey Braxton, are always hoping to see them return to the soap opera. When asked if she might join the renowned River Boys in a comeback, Bonnie tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she can’t fully rule it out.

She admits, “I never want to answer a clear no. I don’t have any plans to return, and perhaps I won’t receive an offer. Perhaps I should just accept that it won’t happen.

Before leaving the harbour with Casey, Bonnie and Steve shared an emotional reunion in their tender farewell. The actor claims that their character’s final plot arc seemed like “the proper way” for them to depart.

It was a truly wonderful time in my life, and whenever I reflect back on it, I become nostalgic. She continues, “I feel so fortunate to have worked with those people. “Just with all of that regularity and experience, it has greatly affected my acting technique.”

The multi-talented celebrity recently finished Riley, a short film that will soon be published on the festival circuit, and has dabbled in other areas of filmmaking over the previous few years.

She tells us, “Having written, directed, and produced it, it was a whole different side of things, I’ve learned so much as a filmmaker. That was a pretty drawn-out procedure that required a lot of animation during post-production.

Recently, Penny McNamee, who played Tori Morgan on the soap opera for more than five years, joined Summer Bay as a writer. The thought of coming back in a behind-the-scenes role intrigues Bonnie.

“I might [come back as a writer]! To be quite honest, acting remains my passion, but I could. Writing for Home and Away is such a challenge because there are [about] 24 or 25 main characters and several plot threads, she observed.

But, I believe that if I were a filmmaker, I would likely start with independent projects before hopefully moving on to feature films or my own works.

Why Bonnie wants to make a ‘positive impact’

The vivacious director has always been outspoken; during her 2015 Logie Awards acceptance speech, she acknowledged that she was standing on Indigenous ground and shed emphasis on good body image.

She made the decision to join the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, as an ambassador since she is a major animal lover. The celebrity wants to have a “good influence” in Australia by collaborating closely with Bonorong Nature Sanctuary in Tasmania.

“I have a great enthusiasm for [animals] because most animal misery is brought on by humans and their activities. I feel a great need to do what I can, especially because I adore animals, she adds.

She tells how becoming a mother to 4-year-old twins has altered her perspective on leaving behind a better society.

“Our tiny people will be impacted by issues like climate change and natural disasters, too, not just native animals. She says passionately, “It’s their future, and they deserve the same freedoms, safety, and access to clean water and air that we had growing up, as well as a healthy world.

Wildlife extinction has an impact on more than just animals; biodiversity is essential to human survival.

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By actively taking care of our wildlife, we are taking care of our future and that of our family.

By talking to her kids about animals and simple ways they may protect nature, she hopes to impart her love of the environment to them.

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