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Home and Away faces uncertain future as TV bosses slash salaries and rating plunge

Home and Away’s reputation hangs in the balance following pay losses and plummeting ratings. As a result of the coronavirus, the Australian drama, which airs in Australia on Channel Seven and in the UK on Channel Five, was also forced to postpone all shooting last month.

The series now faces confusion, Home and Away actress Sam Frost, 31 agreed. Speaking on the Australian radio program, Fitzy & Wippa Sydney Breakfast, the actress-who stars as Jasmine Delaney-was asked if Channel Seven’s episodes would run out.

“I don’t know,” she told the presenters, “it all depends on whether we should come back (to work).

“Hopefully they want us back as soon as possible, so I don’t know how many completed scripts we have.” We were pretty much behind with the bushfires and there were a lot of casts that were out of family problems.

“We’re pretty far away, I wouldn’t be shocked (and I don’t know this), if we would have to do something with a couple of episodes a week or so.” I don’t know what they’ll do! “News of Home and Away’s unknown future came soon after Channel Seven agreed to postpone episodes due to coronavirus for two weeks. While audiences had expected Home and Away would return to the screens on April 1, it wasn’t until April 13 that the season actually made a comeback.

The series is currently available four days a week from Monday and Thursday at 7 pm to Australian audiences. Channel Seven executives have announced that two of their best stars had 20 percent cut their pay, but they didn’t say who they were.

Over in the United Kingdom, Channel Five bosses decided to limit the remaining Home and Away episodes as TV stations battled with the effects of the pandemic.”As a result of COVID-19, we agreed to cut the number of Neighbors and Home and Away episodes from five to two a week for both soaps, so that our audiences could continue to watch them for as long as possible.


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