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Home And Away Gave a Hint About Willow and Alex’s relationship.

Home and Away has indicated that mainstream couple Willow Harris and Alex Neilson could be separated. The on-screen accomplices, known as 'Willex' by their dependable supporters, have developed a solid relationship lately – however, their lives could be flipped around in another storyline. Willow has consistently known that Alex's time in Summer Bay could be fleeting, as she's on a locum contract covering for Tori Morgan at the neighborhood clinic. In one week from now's scenes on Channel 7 in Australia, Willow's most noticeably awful feelings of dread are acknowledged as Alex gets a call about her next position. 

Alex is welcome to take on an occupation in Queensland, implying that she'd be far away from Willow and Summer Bay. The call comes similarly as Willow is feeling settled in her life and relationship once more, not needing anything to change. Could 'Willex' endure the difficulties ahead if Alex chooses to take at work? 

While Home and Away's depiction of Willow and Alex's relationship has been lauded since the story started a year ago, the show has confronted debate as of late after the news that a portion of their on-screen kisses has been altered out of the Australian communicates. Falcon looked at fans saw that the New Zealand variants of the scenes included minutes that didn't make it into the Australian airings. Channel 7, which communicates Home and Away in Australia, accused "human mistake" for the inconsistency. 

Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura, who play Willow and Alex, later discharged indistinguishable proclamations on their Twitter pages saying: "To the #willex fans; Please realize that each scene was composed, performed and shot with the most extreme love and regard for the characters, the relationship and the network.

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