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Home and Away: Is Jasmine pregnant with Robbo’s kid?

A mourning Jasmine fears that she might be pregnant with a baby of her late husband.

To Jasmine, the journey to healing was lined with heartbreak. She has failed to step on after she missed her fiancé Robbo-so much so, she never leaves the building.
In-Home And Abroad this week, as she thinks she might be pregnant, her world becomes upended once again. Is she really holding the child of Robbo (Jake Ryan) or is it just wishful thinking?

Jasmine (Sam Frost) is encouraged to spend a night out with her friends, upon returning to the hospital. The nurse understands that although she is hesitant, it is a good development for both her and Tori (Penny McNamee), who have both tried to push on.
“Jasmine was weighted down with sadness,” Sam, 30, tells WEEK-TV. “She loves Robbo so it doesn’t get better.” Irene (Lynne McGranger) is happy to hear Jasmine go for drinks so “carry home.” Still, in her tracks, these two words hinder her. Will she step on? She doesn’t want to think about Robbo, so starts to feel bad. Jasmine freaks out and runs home with the thoughts weighing in her mind.

Jasmine goes for a jog early the next morning to try to shake off her fears but begins feeling unwell.
Her wellbeing worsens as the day continues. She feels lethargic and nauseous. Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene demand that she see a psychiatrist.
“Jasmine started feeling unwell–then she just came back to work and feels it’s all just a little confusing,” Sam says. “She looks different still.” Jasmine manages a gym routine, but again her body lets her down. As she asks if she should see a doctor walks by a pregnant woman, the sight fills Jasmine’s mind with one thought: “Will I be pregnant?!”

“It’s nice to think about her getting pregnant, as that would mean Robbo is still with her,” Sam says. “What she is?”

Since losing Robbo, Jasmine has been overwhelmed by grief. (Image: Channel Seven)

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