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Home And Away: Jasmine calls her late husband a liar.

Just when we thought that Robbo would heal from his injury, there was a brush of the most destructive sort. After stating what he knew was the last farewell to the affection for his life, Jasmine Robbo (Jake Ryan) died in a medical clinic–and there was certainly no dry eye in the house. This week, the lamenting Summer Bay people's party is getting together to let Robbo go. What's more, there's no doubt that your heart will break for Jasmine. 

In reality, for an angry Jasmine, nothing is going to be the same again. 
This is unimaginable! There is simply no chance that this could have happened.'
There's absolutely no way that this might have happened." "She had all the hope on the planet that Robbo would get home. He was chatting to her at the medical clinic, so she thought he'd be OK. Instead, her entire world has been flipped around. Losing Robbo was very painful for her as she loved her. He was her perfect partner, adoration of her life. All she had in the Bay was Robbo, and it's agonizingly difficult for him to be stripped of her — so abruptly.

For sure, at Robbo's funeral service, Jasmine's grief is going to rage. However, she speculates that she was not aware of the whole truth about the circumstances of Robbo's passing. Separating, she shouts at the coffin, seeing her late husband as a liar–he's guaranteed never to leave her. In the meantime, Robbo's troubled guardians Wendy and Ian are also struggling to cross the service. For Ian, to say a word of praise about his dearest child is something that no dad should have to do.

 And, in one direction or another, with Wendy's support, he will give Robbo his ultimate feeling of gratitude, just like Colby does.
In the meantime, will Jasmine be able to see the light towards the end of the deepest period in the coming weeks? 


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