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Home and Away loses another major star as Penny McNamee quits as Tori Morgan

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Penny McNamee, who played Tori Morgan on Home and Away, has departed the programme.

Her final moments as the doctor aired in Australia on September 27, 2021.

Tori will remain on our screens for a little longer due to the UK’s six-week delay in airing dates.

The actress was a fan favorite and has been in the Summer Bay documentary for the past five years.

Tori Morgan’s departure from Home and Away is a mystery

Tori’s happy ending came when she married fellow doctor Christian Green.

Following their wedding ceremony, the couple bid their goodbyes and left for London.

Tori will start a new work in the UK capital, at a hospital.

What did Penny McNamee have to say about her departure from Home and Away?

On her Instagram page, Penny paid respect to her friends, family, and admirers.

She also expressed gratitude to the programme itself as she reflected on her time there.

“It’s time for me to say goodbye to Tori Morgan and Summer Bay after five incredible years,” she wrote.

“Thank you to our excellent and warm-hearted cast (past and present), crew, writers, publicists, and production staff, for your warmth, your humor, and your friendship,” she said, thanking the soap’s producers as well as her agency.

“To my wonderful followers who have surrounded me with love and inspiration, as well as humorous photo modifications. I have read and appreciated each and every one of your messages and comments.”

Penny, a mother of two, went on to thank her parents and inlaws for assisting her in caring for her son and daughter while she was at work.

“And last, to my husband Matt,” the actress said after thanking her pals. Thank you so much for making everything possible.

“For the many tiny and large sacrifices you made. Thank you for always being my biggest cheerleader, best friend, and love.”

“Goodbye and thank you, Home and Away,” she signed out.

What are fans’ reactions to Tori’s departure?

Viewers were naturally saddened by the death of such a well-known figure.

“Oh my heart hurts so badly,” one person said, “but I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing five and a half years, Penny!!”

“You will be sorely missed,” one person commented, “but Tori Morgan will not be forgotten.”

“I’m already missing you, you did an AMAZING job!!! You crushed it every time!! Someone another said, “You had me in tears!”

“Sad to see you depart Penny, Home and Away won’t be the same,” commented a fourth, while another simply said, “Devastated.”

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