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Home and Away: Luke Jacobz joins celebrity messaging site Cameo and charging $55 for personalized videos

Home and Away star Luke Jacobz charges $55 for personalized videos on Cameo’s celebrity messaging page.

The Australian star, 39, posted a short introduction clip to the popular website where he says he can’t wait to deliver video messages to his fans.

The website encourages starstruck fans to fill in a form asking celebrities to record a customized greeting, often wishing a happy birthday to their loved ones, or merely saying a short hello, for a fixed price.

Luke revealed to fans his Cameo appearance, and invited them to give comments.
He said: ‘You may know me from Mcleod’s Daughters or from Home and Abroad, but I’m living on Cameo now.

‘If you want to book me to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘good luck’ to a friend or lover, you should book me now!

Luke has already obtained a five-star rating and will respond according to the website within three days.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a decline in the number of acting jobs for actors, leaving many to mull about side hustles such as shouting Cameo.

After nearly a decade abroad, he has recently reprised his appearance as Angelo Rosetta on Home and Away.

The actor took the chance in August to taunt fans about his return to Summer Bay while wearing a mask on Bondi Shore.

Taking to Instagram, Luke had a surgical mask, gloves, and black and red headphones to hide his ears.

‘Who’s the past ghost @homeandaway … Can you imagine it from the front? ‘He said, adding the backtothebay hashtags, staysafe and covidstyle.

The actor then added: ‘It’s an odd thing to do… Now that’s a natural look.’

Thrilling fans: Luke revealed his comeback earlier this year, almost a decade after departing the show in June 2011. In character pictured on the soap

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