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Home and Away: Martha actress Belinda Giblin’s real life plot twist.

Belinda Giblin has brought his life to some of the most memorable character-from sons and Daughters'Alison Carr and many more characters.
She is really happy in her personal life with her husband and two children. Talking about her relationship with Alex.
She told, "Around 40 years ago, I toured with a stage play entitled Bedroom Farce.".
At that time he was working as a designer for the South Australian Theatre company and I met him there and when we went to Adelaide with the play. It all started there. She added that"He was pretty gorgeous, and we had great chemistry right from the start.''

Alex also told about how it started he said that " I was with a friend that night when we first met and was discussing about my marriage and at that time I was saying to him I not going to get married but there was a tap on my shoulder and when I turned someone said that I would like to introduce Belinda".And after that, we used to call each other which was quite expensive at that time.

Belinda added "We met at a time where we both wanted to get settle and we both wanted a family and children.
We got married after when my daughter Romy was 3 years old.
My parents were really happy seeing me getting married. Our families supported us in our ups and downs. Alex always supported me he loves me and we are really happy together.

And Romy eating half of the wedding cake at that moment which is very memorable for us.
And then we were lucky as we both work on Home And Away together.
She also added, "I enjoy working at Home and Away, and I'm never going to leave it".

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