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Home And Away: Online Date Goes Wrong For Meckenzie.

Still nursing a broken heart over her on-off-again relationship with Colby, this week, Mackenzie feels the time has come to try to move on. Even though she still carries a torch for the police officer at Summer Bay, Mackenzie believes she must make a new start. She creates an online dating profile for herself.
"Mackenzie needs to develop her inner trust and find her mojo again," Emily says. "She's ready to start dating again and stop pinning for Colby."

The next day, Mackenzie tells Ryder that she has a blind date with someone she found on the' Smoulder ' application.
But when the mystery date of Mackenzie reaches Salt later, the beautiful restaurateur is in for a huge shock. She discovers with horror that her mean ex-boyfriend Jason has cat-fished her. What does Jason want?

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