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Home and Away reveals Bella Nixon’s return scenes in 28 spoiler pictures

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Your complete set of images showcasing what will air on UK televisions starting on April 17 on Monday.

April 17th, Monday: Gabe is still in the hospital.
He has learned that his cancer might have come back.

On April 17, Monday, Bree supports Gabe.
She inquires as to his interest in the counselling services offered by the hospital.

Monday, April 17: Gabe makes an effort to stay out of trouble.
He declines tests that would definitively determine if the cancer has returned or not.

Monday, April 17: Gabe requests Bree’s privacy.
He doesn’t want Mac or anybody else to be aware that he might become ill once more.

Tuesday, April 18: Bella visits Summer Bay once more.
She pays Dean and Ziggy a visit at the Astoni farm.

On April 18, Tuesday, Bella explains her reappearance.
She wanted to meet little Izzy after completing her exhibition.

Tuesday, April 18: Bella treats Nikau casually
She insisted that Nikau wasn’t the reason she came back and that it didn’t matter if she saw him or not.

Tuesday, April 18: Dean believes Bella should adopt a different attitude.
He thinks Bella has come too far to not get the responses she needs from Nikau.

Felicity and Eden are driving in the Lyrik van on Wednesday, April 19. However, their afternoon is about to take a drastic change.

The 19th of April is a Wednesday.
He pulls over drivers to administer breathalyser tests.

April 19, 2019: Felicity feels anxious.
Over the past few weeks, she has been drinking a lot.

On April 19, Felicity tells Eden the truth.
She acknowledges that she is operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

On April 19, Felicity becomes anxious.
She makes a U-turn in an effort to avoid her brother.

April 19th, Wednesday: Cash observes curiously.
How will he act?

Thursday, April 20: Felicity gets into more trouble during a car chase.
Finally, Cash convinces his sister to stop.

Cash and Rose arrive on Thursday, April 20, and neither is eager to show Felicity any favours.

April 20, Thursday: Felicity feels anxious.
She is aware that the breathalyser will reveal her drinking and driving.

Felicity tries to talk herself out of danger on Thursday, April 20.
But it’s useless.

On April 20th, Felicity takes the examination.
If it’s positive, her driving privileges will be revoked as a consequence.

Ava tries to complete some schoolwork on Thursday, April 20, but she gets sidetracked.

a. On April 20th: Ava is preoccupied with thoughts of Theo.
Her affection for him is intensifying.

Thursday, April 20: Justin strives to maintain Ava’s attention on her academics.
Ava is visiting the Bay, and he worries that she might get behind.

a. On April 20th: Theo continues to be cordial with Ava.
He’s still not aware that Ava is following him.

a. On April 20th: Theo believes Justin is treating Ava unfairly.
He expresses an opinion.

Thursday, April 20: Justin won’t back down Theo and Justin have different perspectives.

Friday, April 21: Ava still thinks highly of Theo.
She still finds it difficult to focus on anything else.

Friday, April 21: Living with Theo has only made the problem worse as Ava’s obsession seems to be escalating.

Ava invites Theo to spend time with her on Friday, April 21.
Kirby feels uneasy since he can tell that Ava’s sentiments have evolved beyond a simple crush.

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