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Sunday, August 14, 2022

    Home and Away Review: Bella and Nikau are going through Yabbie Creek and the Blue Mountains

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    I didn’t know that in an hour and a half so much could happen, but we are here. Bella and Nikau make it past Yabbie Creek and to the Blue Mountains and Angelo, who “smell a rat,” gives Colby 72 hours before issuing a warrant for her arrest to get his sister to the station.

    Willow, Dean, and Colby are in full panic mode, yelling at the top of their voices, for sure, in this murder investigation more people need to be tied in.

    Shout especially to Dean whose stress acting carries the episode.

    They all split up and Colby stalls Angelo’s interview again, using the therapist excuse that buys Bella more time, 72 hours to be precise.

    Then Tane’s arms get a bit of air time with Mackenzie when addressing the roster of all things that is just a cover-up to sneak a look at Tane’s shirtless chest because it’s possible for arms to be that big?

    Home and Away ep 7394

    Dean still has his arms extended, as the tattoo has already been painted on and it would be a shame not to show it off.

    So now Dean is with Tane and Ari at the Parata’s house although they hate each other and they’re all very worried because there was a sweet $5k in that not that hideous spot, so Bella and Nikau could be anywhere and get up to anything.

    “We need to team up with the Parata’s, I think,” Dean tells Colby and Willow.

    Dean, Colby, Willow, Ari, and Tane will grudgingly agree to work together and set off in the morning, except Colby, who will stay behind to avoid raising suspicions at the police station — even though Angelo probably knows that because of their efforts to keep this hush are abysmal.

    Home and Away ep 7394

    Amber and Mackenzie say Ziggy has a hunch because Dean keeps her out of the loop and even John, the stickybeak, assumes that something “dodgy” is happening and offers a specific timestamp for when the children set off.

    Justin gets a mention and looks somewhat worse for wear. Now he’s essentially losing everything. I think it’s a brain aneurysm or tumor and it’s going to be inoperable because all Leah’s husbands are dying.

    Amber begs Dean not to go because she has an awkward feeling that sounds ominous, and not her place at all.

    “I’ve got a son,” she blurts out. “He’s theirs.”

    His name is Jai too, as is the dead brother of Amber.
    We have not laid eyes on the kid and in the good ol’ days, there is no evidence to support this other than a couple of drunken flings.

    But then Amber says something about how she had to warn Dean to stop him from doing something crazy (leaving town in a murder investigation to look for the kids) to she didn’t want Dean to see her son in jail.

    Many of the characters have this peculiar connection about jail because too many of them have been locked up or have family who has been. Hence, it is pretty obvious that the kid is not an evil trick and that Dean will be the sort of man who will be interested in the life of the “poor guy.”
    Dean stops the man search to digest the news, but not before he threatens to “floor” him with his best friend, Colby.

    So now Mac is in, and she goes with Ari, her boyfriend, and Tane, with the arms, to the airport. I’m expecting a lot of feelings during that trip to bubble over.

    The Blue Mountains are very mountainous and green, and much to the liking of Nikau. He bobs his head along to the music like he’s on holiday, but Bella isn’t impressed and reminds him that they’re running away from the cops and that they’re not allowed to get fun.

    Home and Away ep 7394

    Once again, Nikau drops the word L.

    “I think I am a little in love with you too,” says Nikau.

    Bella is not saying this back, again.

    It’s probably too early, they’ve been dating for a couple of weeks, but Nikau is all in and willing to do everything for the girl he loves – even give up his life.

    But it looks like showering Bella in love had succeeded because they’re basking in the filth of each other by the morning-a big improvement on their first attempt to do together when Bella had a panic attack.

    In the meantime, Mac, Tane, and Ari are in the hot pursuit of Bella and Nikau and are catching up quickly since they “think like teenagers in love.”

    Home and Away ep 7394

    So there wasn’t even any friction between the type of love triangle.

    I mean, there was a hint here, but I was anticipating the whole thing “you always have feelings for Tane.”

    Perhaps the sexual tension is directly linked to how much arm turns up?

    Bella and Nik will not start their car, and they know nothing about cars.

    Home and Away ep 7394

    Nikau would need to call someone for help and risk Colby and the cops monitoring his phone and disrupting the lifestyle of living off-the-grid.

    Maz’s debuting a new handbag with Roo at the brunch. It is copyrighted in black.

    Then immediately Roo thinks she’s seen Evan, and she’s going to be nuts, but the grey back of the head looked strikingly like Evan Daddo, dead.

    Evan Daddo then appears dead again. It’s a closer shot so we can confirm it’s him and if the producers have made him miraculously come back from the dead, I will have to draw the line.

    Maz says that the death of Evan must have affected Roo more than she knows, and suggests that tarot cards help guide Roo.
    Finally, after one failed attempt, Dean tells his girlfriend, Ziggy, about her son. She’s not excited about saying the least, but she gives him time and space to process the news.

    Dean wants to meet Jai as expected.

    Home and Away ep 7394

    First, this means that the surfing trip Ziggy was so keen to be called off, and it also raises a lot of questions about her place in Dean’s life.

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