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Home and Away Review: Dean informs Ziggy of the murder of dead Ross in the name of love

The promo just told us it was going to be “Home and Away’s greatest week” and I trust them.

I figured that Dean wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure after this dead Ross thing ramped back up a few weeks ago and now we are about to find out.

The recent and irresponsible acts of Colby, the affair with Taylor, have put his best mate Dean in a challenging role where he either tells Ziggy about the murder and thereby includes her or risks his girlfriend. She will break up with him and give her the run-around.

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In Dean, Ziggy has a go; then Amber follows suit because by canceling their playdate, he “broke Jai’s heart.”

“I will not let that happen,” Amber tells Dean to defend her baby.

“You will no longer see him.”

“It does not bode well for Willow, who is very busy holding it together with all interested players, and on behalf of Dean, she stands up to Amber and advises her to stop” using Jai as reward and punishment.

The outcome of this is yet to be heard, but if anyone can get through to Amber, it’s Willow because they’re old buds.

Anyway, Dean freaks out and demonstrates it as often as possible while expanding his eyes.

If I don’t tell her the truth, then it will be over. “If I say the truth to her …” he trails off.

In the garage, Dean confronts Ziggy, which Justin has just bequeathed to her in case of the worst, but more on that then.

It is very stressful.

“With you, I need to be straight,” Dean tells Ziggy.

He tells her it’s about investigating the dead Ross, and he says the more she learns, the easier it’s going to be.

While this is a significant time, what I can think of is that in private and not in a workshop where someone could step in, they can have this discussion.

Ziggy says, ‘Have you been there? “When Colby fired him, I was there,” Dean responds.

“I helped cover things up for him.”

“I’m in love with you Ziggy.”

Tears are streaming down Ziggy’s cheeks, but not Dean’s, but he definitely can’t weep on cue; otherwise, he will be balling his eyes out.

Ziggy, I hope, would stay by him. She had the dubious tattoo on her bum for him, after all, because if that isn’t passion, what is it?

With Justin’s test results, Dr. Green, aka budget McDreamy, makes a house call.

Can we take a moment to talk about the wardrobe of Dr. Green?

He’s in Chinese aubergines, a white shirt and a paisley tie that I don’t have to contend with, but he’s popped over the top with a whitewashed denim jacket that doesn’t resonate with me.

I don’t even know why Tori took on hatred for him. Yeah, one time, he had his foot on the desk, but he was the strongest neurosurgeon in the world, and he chose to operate on her brother, Justin, for a moment.

She wants to be excited.

Justin is admitted, and when he gets wheeled on a gurney, hairnet, and all, the entire gang, Tori, Leah, and nurse Jasmine pass on their best wishes, and we wait to see if Leah’s dead husband’s curse is going to hit.

Roo and Owen, the new Daddo, run into each other, too, and it’s all smiles and giggles.

Again, he asks her out, and they head to Salt, where Ryder is their waiter, who is surprisingly not unpleasant.


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