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H.A.A Review: Will Amber stay silent about Tane’s Mackenzie crush?

What a day. There are plenty of tensions to be processed and none more than Amber, who knows that Mackenzie has a crush on Tane and can expose everything.

Yet let’s get back to it first. We ‘re in the club — everyone shouts to show that.

It’s pretty clean and well-lit, but that won’t deter Willow and Amber from having a good time and pretending to be drunk because hot boys are up for grabs.

Yet first, first. When did a club come into Summer Bay?

Amber points out a lot of cute guys, but then Tane shows up, and she sets her sights firmly on that particular delicious snack.

Meanwhile, when Willow calls to invite her to the bar, Ziggy is alone and bored in what might be one of the most uncomfortable conversations known to man.

Mackenzie comes along, and now the girl’s night is in full swing … okay, not so much for Mac, who, for that matter, doesn’t like noisy music or clubs or Amber.

Instead, suddenly, things escalate. One of the boys gets helpful, and Tane swoops right in to save the distraught Amber, the damsel, and attempts to hit the guy in the face.

The fun comes to a halt, and Tane gets thrown out of the club while appearing to be very pleased with himself.

Mac is furious and gets into a heated conversation with Amber, and next thing Amber hooks one on Mac and accidentally hits Ziggy, which is entirely uncalled for.

Bizarrely, though Amber is still bitter that she didn’t perform on this particular evening, they move on quickly.

It is the next morning, and as they walk along the beach, Willow and Amber debrief the night.

They run into Mac and Ziggy, who, thanks to Amber, has a black eye, and all of that clicks.

Amber discovers that Mac has Tane ‘s hair. “Never fear I’m not going to tell anyone about your little crush,” says Amber.

Let’s hope Amber will be able to keep her mouth shut for Mac’s sake because gosh, watching this unfold, will be entertaining.

Mac tries to avoid Tane for the next few days, but he’s at Salt suddenly, and she doesn’t handle the pressure well.

Home and Away ep 7383

Alf also holds a close eye on Ryder and is eager to get to the bottom of this, not going to the funerals’ nonsense.

Roo and Alf both think that if Ryder does not go to the funeral and say farewell to his Daddo, he will regret it.

Back at home, Ryder clutches on Evan’s guitar and compares his father’s face.

“I’m going to show up and nobody’s going to know who I am,” Ryder says.

Ryder admits that he knows nothing about his beloved Daddo but that he is a muso wearing a band t-shirt.

“Be yourself,” says Alf, [[[in order to convince Ryder.

A chance to learn more about Evan from the people who know him the best

Last-minute, Ryder changes his mind, and they go to the funeral together.

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