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Home And Away spoiler: Jasmine’s pregnancy trauma threatens to push the widow over the edge

For Jasmine this is one disaster after another.

This week, Summer Bay is abuzz as Jasmine reveals that she is pregnant with Robbo’s boy. But her life will come tumbling down in one devastating moment.
Jasmine (Sam Frost) is excitedly planning for her next role as a mum in Home And Away – when her own mother-in-law returns to fuss with the baby on the way.
Wendy (Amanda Muggleton) welcomes both Jasmine and Tori (Penny McNamee) in an intimate reconciliation. She is pleased that the memory of Robbo (Jake Ryan) will continue to live on in his two sons.

She then focuses however on being present at the ultrasound of Jasmine. A bit put out, but Jasmine obliges comprehension. Nonetheless, Tori is worried that Jasmine will say more people about her pregnancy too early on. She understands the agony of suffering a miscarriage herself and she needs to show restraint on her daughter.

“Jasmine’s happiness and anticipation for pregnancy got Tori a little nervous, as it’s only the early stages of pregnancy and Tori just wants the best for her,” Sam, 30, tells WEEK-TV. “Tori is concerned about how over-excited Jasmine is-and maybe she is over-cautious because she was herself through a miscarriage.”

The three women at the hospital are arguing birth arrangements and bonding over their offspring. But as the ultrasound technician can’t manage to sense a pulse, their sweet moment of togetherness comes smashing. Jasmine is given the shocking details about her pregnancy in dramatic scenes. “The universe crumbles for Jasmine,” Sam says. “This birth was the only glimmer of hope she had for holding Robbo safe. The birth was the salvation for Jasmine in a bleak moment.”

Although Tori comforts her weeping sister, Wendy is not as sympathetic, hurt, and upset. She accuses Jasmine of training the memory of Robbo and lashes out with a few blunt words. Humiliated and stung, Jasmine flees from the hospital. When time ticks by, Tori starts thinking. She’s running after Jasmine so she doesn’t have success finding her. Tori realizes this loss is a devastating blow to Jasmine and will have major consequences on her mental health.

Deciding to take another beach walk, she ends up spotting a lone figure. The nurse is in the shallows, heading full clothed into the water. Her sorrow overwhelmed her to the point that she wanted to leave. She’ll do anything to forget … “Jasmine not only needs to cope with mourning her baby’s death and the life she thought she’d have, but also missing Robbo all over again,” Sam states.

“It strikes her incredibly hard.” Tori runs back to the sand and saves her in time.
She lifts her from the water, gripping her anguished friend closely while her feelings gush out.
Weak little jasmine!


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