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Home And Away Spoiler:Are Ben and Maggie leaving Home and Away?

Any reasonable person would agree that Ben and Maggie Astoni (Rohan Nichol and Kestie Morassi) have had a harsh ride during their most recent few years in Summer Bay. Maggie burned through a large portion of her 2018 fighting lymphoma, and the previous year has seen most youthful little girl Coco move to take up a grant in Cairns, just as the breakdown of senior little girl Ziggy's union with Brody Morgan. Ben's stun capture in July 2019 on sedate dealing charges, after being confined by a trick organization he'd re-appropriated a huge surfboard request to in Yabbie Creek, saw him winding into a profound sadness. This at that point snowballed into a colossal psychological wellness storyline for Ben, which undermined his union with Maggie. After arriving at his absolute bottom where he was thinking about suicide, Ben was, fortunately, ready to look for proficient assistance, and the charges were in the long run dropped. Through directing and medicine, Ben is right now excelling making a course for recuperation. 

Notwithstanding, prior this year, Home and Away arrangement maker Lucy Addario prodded in TV Week that there was more dramatization seemingly within easy reach for the Astoni family. "Ben and Maggie are in a great spot in 2020 and can put the hardship of Ben's downturn behind them," Lucy said. "In any case, a person or thing from the past could impoverish everything."A fan theory has recommended an arrival for Maggie's mom Diana Carrington, the presentation of Maggie's sister Kate Walford, or even a recurrence of Maggie's malignant growth. Yet, we would now be able to uncover that this oldie but a goodie will come as Ben's sibling, Marco Astoni. 

Almost no has been referenced about the beforehand concealed Marco during the Astonish time on the show. Anyway, we do realize that when Ben was 18 years of age, Marco had a go at breaking onto Maggie at a gathering. At the point when Ben stepped in to stop him, Marco was left with wounds genuine enough for Ben to be indicted for attack. Marco will be played by entertainer Tim Walter, who recently showed up on the show in 2008 as Aaron Copeland, the organic dad of Sally Fletcher and her twin sibling Miles. What cause Marco needs to reappear his sibling's life in the coming months, and what impact it will have on the Astoni family, is not yet clear.


Are Ben and Maggie venturing out from Home and Away?

In related news, there is solid hypothesis doing the rounds that Ben and Maggie might be withdrawing the show in the not so distant future. Even though Rohan Nichol and Kestie Morassi have not been seen recording at Palm Beach since December, this in itself doesn't add a lot of weight to the hypothesis considering there's been a generation break in that time. In any case, on that day in December, a scene was taped outside the surf club which saw Alf, John, Marilyn, Leah, Justin, Dean, and Ziggy all joining Ben and Maggie for what resembled a celebratory lunch. 

Photographs taken by the paparazzi show Alf seem to give discourse and give an impromptu speech in Ben and Maggie's bearing, with Ben additionally rising to state a couple of words. 

On the off chance that this hypothesis was to be valid, at that point while it might come as a failure to fans to lose one of the show's couples of wedded couples, it most likely would shock no one. 

With this scene assessed to the air around June 2020, it would check three years (the length of a standard ordinary agreement) since the Astonish appearance in June 2017. In case you're going to Sydney at any point soon, why not set aside the effort to visit the delightful Palm Beach (Summer Bay) yourself on the Official Home and Away Tour – en route you'll find a good pace shooting areas as the Morgan House, the Pier Diner and the well known Surf Club, and you may even be sufficiently fortunate to recognize some recording and take a few snaps with cast individuals! There are currently different alternatives for those wishing to take the visit, including the chance to have an ensured Meet and Greet with a Home and Away fan top choice, close by elite access to the Morgan House garden on Wednesdays, or lunch with the entertainer on Saturdays (lunch excluded from visit cost).
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