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Home and Away spoilers: Bella’s life in danger as she overdoses on pills

 Bella (Courtney Miller) told Colby (Tim Franklin) that since her real condition was treated, she was not well. Seeing that her real poor health was holding the eyes of her brothers on her and away from Mac (Emily Weir), Bella decided to carry on an act even after her rehabilitation. While her hate towards Mac grows, Bella takes the opportunity on the stairs up to Salt to have a go at her rival. Mackenzie fights back, claiming that hopefully Colby will see through her act and know that she is being used. Not admitting it is an act, Bella retaliates, but then Colby appears – he was in the distance, listening to it all. He becomes immediately paranoid and insists that Bella tell him the truth. Bella discovers that her web of lies is about to trap her.

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 Filled with fear about her friendship with Colby being possibly ruined, Bella tries to call him. Mackenzie indicates that she is only telling the truth, but Bella scoffs at the notion. Desperate to show she is terrible, she discovers and drops any unidentified drugs, unsure of what they are.

Then, in agony, Mac notices her bent over. She scoffs at first but admits that Bella is unwell. Bella asks her to contact Colby, but Mac is insistent– they've got to race her to hospital. That is a grave mistake.

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