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Home and Away Spoilers – Bree gets revenge on Jacob in shock attack

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree fears for her life as Jacob continues to keep her captive. As she spots an opportunity to escape, she attacks him – but has she taken things too far?

Following the horrible events of the previous week, Remi (Adam Rowland) is in distress after being made to see Bree (Juliet Godwin) being dragged away without her will by her abusive husband Jacob (Alex Williams).

Remi was left tied to a chair in Bree’s motel room, and before he left, Jacob brutally beat Remi’s hand with a hammer.

Remi was eventually located that night and transported to Northern Districts Hospital for an emergency procedure, but Jacob and Bree had already vanished.

Remi is interrupted by Rose knocking on the door as he paces the living room while continuing to leave voicemails for Bree to return next week.

Rose apologizes and informs him that Bree has been located. …and she’s gone!

Although Bree’s problems are nearly impossible to believe when they share a lovely evening together, it is evident that she is doing a valiant job of maintaining her façade as Jacob cuddles up to her the following morning as she lies awake.

Bree begins to tremble and her dread is evident as Jacob exits the tent. She carefully pats her battered jaw, which was the result of yet another pounding.

Remi decides to attempt hiring a private investigator after becoming impatient with the police for not providing any updates back in the bay. He is hesitant to take on the case when he first meets the private investigator Erikson (Troy Harrison) in Salt, though.

Remi finds it weird that his alleged girlfriend doesn’t have any images, so he quickly deduces that he is simply the bitter ex-boyfriend who was hurt when Bree decided to return to her husband.

A displeased Remi encourages Erikson to forget it as he counsels him to conserve his money.

After breakfast, Bree is a little more distant, but she is upbeat when Jacob mentions that they are running low on supplies; surely that means he will have to go into town? Bree explains that they can’t dwell in the wilderness for all time, and Jacob notices her eagerness.

As she inquires about the strategy, Jacob replies that he knows someone who can help them create some new identities. They will soon be able to vanish together and never be found.

Bree realizes this is her final chance as Jacob leaves to refill the water carrier. She scrambles to get some paper in the car and scrawls a message to Remi in a hurry.

When Bree sees Jacob coming back, she quickly jumps out of the car and tucks the note into her back pocket. else does she? Jacob reaches into her back pocket and pulls out the note as he draws her in for a kiss.

What’s this?” Jacob asks coldly.

Jacob is furious as he begins reading the letter, where Bree admits that, just in case anything happens to her, she lied at the motel and really does love Remi.

Bree knows she has no way out as she admits it’s true, she’s in love with Remi.

Jacob orders her to finish writing the letter, but Bree finally snaps and tells him to go to hell. She’s swiftly knocked out cold by Jacob’s fist.

When Bree awakens, she’s horrified to find Jacob digging what looks to be a grave—it seems that if he can’t have her, then no-one can!

Bree pretends to still be out cold, and when Jacob takes a short break to have a drink, Bree spots what could be her one and only chance to survive.

Creeping up behind Jacob, she whacks him over the head with the shovel, and he falls to the ground.

Bree quickly jumps into action and finds the car keys in Jacob’s pocket… before realising that Jacob isn’t merely unconscious…

Terrified, Bree phones for an ambulance and desperately starts chest compressions. Xander (Luke Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) soon arrive, and it’s clear to Xander from the off that there’s nothing that can be done.

Bree refuses to give up, but as time goes on, Xander is forced to tell her that Jacob is dead…

Bree breaks down in tears—what has she done?!

Meanwhile, there’s surprise visitors for both of the Thompson/Booth siblings this week.

First to arrive is Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling), who is a mate of Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) and the shaper for the boards he sells at the surf shop.

When John (Shane Withington) arrives and introduces himself as well, he immediately takes a shine to a complimenting Mali after hearing that Dean has spoken highly of him and when Dean introduces Mali to Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

Although Dean has no pending board orders, he is rather perplexed as to why Mali has come to visit, and his perplexity is only increased when he introduces Mali to Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

It turns out that Mac and Mali are already acquainted, and he has come to meet her.

Mali is brought back to the farmhouse where he is led into the nursery that is being prepared for Dean and Ziggy’s baby before leaving with Mackenzie, leaving a perplexed Dean in Salt. Where are they going?

Kyle Shilling, a Widjubal man of the Bundjalung nation, is excited to be joining the cast as the show’s first Indigenous Australian regular. Mali’s presence adds a new permanent character to Summer Bay.

He told Stuff NZ, “I’m thrilled to be able to fill those shoes and to represent my culture on this international TV show. “It’s amazing to see Australian TV productions integrating a lot more indigenous people and also giving us a voice in our own TV series as well,” said one indigenous person. “It’s been a long time coming but in the last couple of years a lot of shows have been doing it.”

As the show did with the Parata family, the show has enlisted the help of a cultural advisor to help bring Mali’s storylines to the screen.

It’s very difficult with our culture because there’s more than 500 different tribal groups,” Kyle continued. “There’s over 500 different language groups and everything like that too but, yeah, we’ve got a consultant on board and he’s amazing.

“He’s jumping through hoops, making sure everything’s done correctly. He’s gone through all the protocol, all the touching base with everyone to make sure everything’s all right. It’s a big job and I’m glad I’ve got someone here to back me up.

Mali is not yet a Summer Bay local, being from Mantaray Point a couple of hours up the coast. The youngest of seven siblings, with numerous sisters amongst them, Mali’s family are very dependent on him… so what will convince him to stick around in Summer Bay?

Mackenzie is shocked when she goes to Salt and sees a familiar figure at the bar after telling what she was up to with Mali in the nursery.

Stopped in her tracks, Mac ducks out quickly and hides before the mystery gentleman can see her, and then rings Dean in a panic, asking him to come back to the club immediately.

When Dean arrives, Mac explains that she needs a man removing from the restaurant, but refuses to give a reason as to why.

Though confused, Dean obliges her, and tells the gentleman, Gabe Miller (Akos Armont), that he is not welcome in Salt and has to leave immediately.

Gabe quickly realises what has happened, Mac has already seen him and sent Dean to kick him out, but nevertheless he asks Dean to pass on a message to her, explaining that he just wants to talk…

Back at home, Mac finally relents and tells Dean exactly who Gabe is…. her ex-fiancé!

When Gabriel abandoned her just two months before their wedding, Mac hasn’t seen him in more than four years. She went to Summer Bay immediately after being left heartbroken after receiving only a brief note with no actual explanation.

So why has Gabe turned up now, and will Mac agree to hear him out…?

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