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Home and Away spoilers: Dean is angry when Willow reveals she’s dating Alex.

Willow (Sarah Roberts) has important news concerning her relationship with Alex to share with Dean (Patrick O'Connor), but she is scared to tell him as she is frightened of how he will respond. All Colby (Tim Franklin) and Alex (Zoe Ventoura) inform her she can bite the bullet and there's no need to fret.

She's stunned when she eventually comes out, however, because he reacts badly. His rage doesn't come from the fact that she's dating a woman-he's angry over Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) hiding from him work details. He is also disturbed by the fact that Willow was obviously afraid to tell him and tried to manage his answer. He's not getting anything plain to Willow, apparently, and she's upset that he's not being helpful.

When Dean wallows down to Colby's place, Colby addresses his attitude. He pointed out that it would have been impossible for Willow to announce that she is dating a woman now and that Dean let his frustration get away from him. However, Dean remains agitated partly because Ziggy continues to lie to him. Meanwhile, as Willow relays her conversation with Dean to Alex, she's shocked when Alex suggests that they're cooling things for a bit between them …

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