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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity breaks off her engagement to Tane

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The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity makes a shocking decision regarding her engagement to Tane, sending her life into a downward spiral.

After being trapped in a burning truck on the day of her wedding, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who suffers from PTSD, has turned to drink as a coping technique.

But after discovering Flick’s alcohol stash, housemate Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) felt compelled to inform Tane (Ethan Browne) and Flick’s brother Cash. (Nicholas Cartwright).

Flick chose to leave the house and return to an RV at the campground after lashing out at the three instead of acknowledging she had a problem.

Flick started a brawl at Salt, stole a bottle of Remi’s rum from the Lyriks’ house, and then carried on the party alone in the campground.

On Monday, as we reunite with a groggy Flick, park owner Alf (Ray Meagher) stops by to return the empty rum bottle he discovered nearby.

Flick apologises to Alf and vows that it won’t happen again after learning that there were complaints about the loud music last night.

She braces herself for a serve from the typically flamboyant Alf, so she is surprised when he tells her she is always welcome to come up to the house whenever she needs to talk.

But when she sees Tane coming, she is less than impressed, presuming that Alf must have phoned him. Alf denies having any information as he walks away from the two.

Tane has learned from Mackenzie (Emily Weir) about the events at Salt last night in which Flick pulled the plug on Lyrik’s performance as she stormed out when Gabe (Akos Armont) refused to let her sell drinks while intoxicated.

Tane tells his fiancée that enough is enough and that she should get assistance for her problems now that he has given her the space she requested.

Flick informs Tane she’s taking a shower, indicating that she’s still not ready to pay attention.

Tane is still waiting for her when she gets back, and he has a crucial query: Is her moving out an indication that their relationship is over?

Flick, unable to respond to Tane, accuses him and Cash of constantly being there and passing judgement on her since she is unable to function rationally with everyone picking on her.

As Flick explains that it is her choice whether or not to have a drink, Tane apologises and things start to cool down a bit. Tane then points out that Flick isn’t just having one drink.

Tane tries to persuade Flick that drinking alcohol is simply a temporary fix, but she becomes frustrated and tells him flat out that she’s choosing that fix.

He quickly reminds her that she is his fiancée after declaring that she is not his concern.

Not any longer, she responds, taking off her engagement ring and throwing it at him.

She declares, “We’re done,” and storms off.

Does this truly mark Tane and Felicity’s demise?

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