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Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine discovers Felicity’s terrible family secret

Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) and Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) romance is developing after a rough start, and the police officer invites the nurse out on a second date. While the two are having a great time together, Jasmine has the uneasy feeling that he is withholding something from her.

She inquires about his parents in an attempt to get to know him, but he remains silent.

Cash then gets a call from Roo (Georgie Parker) telling him that he needs to get down to the trailer park. To his astonishment, Jasmine agrees to accompany him. When they arrive, Cash is appalled to discover Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) encouraging two men to fight for her love in front of her.

The men are causing a commotion in the park by smashing different things until Cash breaks them up, and he and Jasmine start cleaning up the mess. Roo is irritated, so Cash walks off with her to attempt to calm things down. Jasmine and Felicity continue to tidy up and speak when they are left alone.

Jasmine admits that Cash is hesitant to discuss his parents, and Felicity reveals a terrible secret: their father was murdered, and they have no idea who was responsible. Jasmine is heartbroken to learn the truth, and she understands why Cash has been withholding information from her.

When Cash returns, he notices something is wrong, and Jasmine reluctantly tells him what Felicity told her.

Cash, on the other hand, dismisses everything his sister says, leaving Jasmine even more perplexed.

What truly happened, and who is speaking the truth among the siblings?

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