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Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine left furious after Cash deceives her

Jasmine (Sam Frost) recently developed an interest in newcomer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), but after realizing he had snooped on her and found out more about her past, she no longer wanted a bar of him.

The situation doesn’t change, even though Cash continues to try his luck with her.

Jasmine joins the touch footy session in need of a distraction, but is disappointed to see that Cash is the one in charge. Cash chases her down and reminds out that if she leaves, the session would be canceled due to a lack of players.

Jasmine reluctantly returns, but she barely participates, and the two fall into small quarrels. When one of the other players collides with Cash, he collapses to the ground and is unable to walk normally, implying that he has damaged his ankle.

Cash is taken to the Diner by Jasmine to be iced, but while testing his ability to walk, Cash forgets which ankle he is supposed to have injured and limps on the wrong one. Jasmine realizes he’s faking it, and her displeasure with him grows even more.

However, Cash eventually reveals to her that he only put on the touch footy in order to get close to her, and she realises he could be a good guy – just inept when it comes to dating.

She says she will give him one date if he’s that desperate for company, then walks away, smiling..

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