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Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine sees calls from mystery girl on Cash’s phone

After a fantastic first date with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Jasmine (Sam Frost) is unsure of where she stands with him. She becomes frustrated by his conflicting messages after not hearing from him for a few days.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) points out that his phone number is posted next to the touch football flyers on the noticeboard, so she can call him herself. Irene and Marilyn (Emily Symons) watch as Jasmine phones the police officer’s number and leaves an icy message accusing him of ghosting her.

Cash is perplexed when he receives the message and rushes to locate her, explaining that he was only respecting her limits – she only wanted one date, therefore he didn’t want to bother her. The two decide to get a short drink in Salt, where they learn more about one another.

Their time together is going swimmingly until Cash gets a call from a mysterious woman named Felicity, which he dismisses. Felicity calls again as they lean in for their first kiss, and Cash bolts, leaving Jasmine perplexed and upset.

When she goes to Irene and Marilyn to offload, none of them do much to reassure her, leaving Jasmine with the impression that her greatest fears have been verified – she put her confidence in another person only to find out he has a hidden girlfriend or wife…

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