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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane stabbed as Mackenzie’s plan goes wrong

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Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Mackenzie’s plan for revenge on PK ends in bloodshed, whilst Theo’s hidden talent is revealed as he romances Chloe…

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) had evidently agreed to PK’s (Ryan Johnson) horrific suggestion to pay her apparent debt by sleeping with him when we left her last week.

On PK’s request, Mac agreed to conduct an exclusive illegal poker tournament at Salt, which would have completely cleared out her business debts in one evening.

PK was adamant that Flick be kept out of the way for his special evening, claiming it was too risky to have the sister of a cop present. While all of her previous events had gone off without a hitch thanks to Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) guidance, PK was adamant that Flick be kept out of the way for his special evening—claiming it was too risky to have the sister of a cop present.

Despite admitting that she had no understanding how the games operated, Mac reluctantly consented. PK’s associate Nathan (Ryan Panizza) stopped Flick from leaving the Parata house, preventing her from attending the evening.

Although Tane (Ethan Browne) was able to attend, it wasn’t until after he left that PK informed Mac that the house had lost and that she owed the players $100,000 as a result.

PK explained to a perplexed Mac that he’d paid off the debt and she now owed it to him. He told her the address of the hotel where he was staying, and his motive was obvious. Despite Mac’s assurances to Ziggy that she would not sleep with PK, she proceeded to his hotel room…

This week, Ziggy updates Dean (Patrick O’Connor) on Mac’s situation and eventually spills the beans about PK’s inappropriate proposal. Despite Ziggy’s assurances that Mac would not go through with it, Dean is sceptical, knowing how desperate Mac’s condition is.

Unable to track down Mac, the two race around to the Parata house, but are thrown a curveball when Tane and Flick tell them that the house cannot lose at poker….it’s impossible.

It’s then that they realise the truth: the whole event was a ruse to get PK into bed with Mac!

Meanwhile, PK pours a drink for Mac and makes his move in the hotel room…

The next day, Ziggy and Dean are worried out of their minds until they locate Mac on the beach. When she tells them she didn’t go through with it because she couldn’t do it to Logan, they’re relieved (Harley Bonner).

Mac is sick to her stomach as the two tell her the whole thing was a fraud. Her rage grows as she says that she tried to appease PK by giving him the $50,000 she earned from the night, and the worst thing was that she could see he was loving it.

To Dean’s relief, Mac proclaims that PK will be held accountable for his actions!

Later in the week, Mac entices PK to Salt with the promise of another special night to pay off her ‘debt,’ with the intention of double-crossing PK and keeping the entire sum for herself.

Mac uses all of his charm, but PK isn’t having it. She had the opportunity to pay off her debt, but her denial means he’s in charge now. He proposes an alternative: he will run the nights and keep 100% of the money, while Mac will serve the beverages.

Mac makes it apparent that she will not be bullied, and she orders him to go, but not before he makes a veiled threat to take over Salt.

Nathan arrives shortly after to warn Mac not to cross PK, but Mac ignores him, claiming that his word no longer means much. Nathan would not have gotten her connected with PK in the first place if he had cared!

Later that evening, two men enter Salt as Mac and Dean are closing shop, indicating that Mac should have heeded Nathan’s warning.

One pulls out a knife and commands Mac to begin emptying the till.

Forced to kneel on the floor, Mac and Dean can only watch as the two thugs start smashing up the bar.

Tane and Flick rush up to Salt after hearing the disturbance downstairs. Dean grabs one of the men, while Tane tackles the other, as their entrance creates enough of a distraction.

After a struggle, the thugs make their escape, but Flick then spots Tane writhing in pain on the floor… he’s been stabbed!

In Summer Bay, Theo (Matt Evans) is trying to cheer up Chloe (Sam Barrett) following the events of the previous week.

Chloe was shocked to learn via her journal that she had been manipulating Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller) for weeks, with Nik opting to confront her in front of everyone at Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) departure party.

Although he had been deliberately avoiding Chloe after she played games with him too, it was Theo who went after her and provided a shoulder to cry on.

This week, Theo discusses how he might cheer Chloe up with Justin (James Stewart), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), and Marilyn (Emily Symons). She’s uneasy about remaining at home after everything that happened with Nik. Maz believes Chloe is in need of a distraction.

Chloe is working with Maz and Leah later that day when she receives a text from Theo wanting to meet with her. With knowing smiles, Leah and Maz immediately whisk Chloe out…\

Theo blindfolds Chloe and leads her to a surprise picnic at the secluded end of the beach, a pop-up luxury getaway.

Theo then proceeds to pull out a guitar and sing a song for Chloe, who is surprised to learn of his hidden talents.

When Justin returns home, he quickly locates his missing guitar, concluding that Theo must have taken it. Before Theo waltzes back in holding the guitar and apologising for borrowing it without asking, he and Leah spend the entire evening disputing if and why Theo took it.

When Theo then confesses that he can genuinely play, it’s just that he hasn’t done it in a while, Leah is taken aback.

He explains that he had put money aside for his own guitar before his father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) chose to smash it and burn it. Leah is appalled that her brother could have done such a horrible act.

The next day, Justin presents Theo with a second guitar he’d kept stored away, and when Leah returns home she finds Justin and Theo mid-duet.

Leah and Justin assure Theo that he can play and sing anytime he wants—the guitar is now his to keep.

Given that actor Matt Evans was a competitor on singing competition The Voice in 2020, many Australian viewers of the broadcast were not surprised by Theo’s secret talent.

Coach Delta Goodrem guided Matt to the top 20 after she made the unique decision to match him with rival competitor Janie Gordon in a duet.

That is super exciting for me because it is really nice to have both of the worlds combine,” Matt told Sydney Confidential of his opportunity to sing on Home and Away.

It has been hard almost letting go of music by just doing the acting for a while so it is really nice to be able to do both. Music is for me like a second language and way to express myself.

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