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Home and Away Spoilers: Tori gets engaged, and prison for Colby?

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Big Home and Away Spoilers for Australia and the UK: With shooting well and truly back on track since the break earlier this year, both viewers and paparazzi have seen plenty of exciting scenes that have been shot at Palm Beach over the past few months.

Since September right around the corner, we ‘re reviewing these tidbits and looking at each of the stories that we might hope to see in the last few months of the year.

There are aplenty of new arrivals, new possible love interests for a number of characters, a proposal for a marriage, a replacement beach that will make Summer Bay look very different and is one resident on their way to prison?

A few weeks ago it was announced that Ditch Davey would join as Dr Christian Green in the show.
Perhaps Ditch is best known for his role as Evan Jones in Seven’s Blue Heelers police drama, in which he starred from 2001 until the demise of the show in 2006. He has also appeared in Sea Patrol as well as in the Netflix docudrama Roman Empire as Julius Caesar among other roles.

The character’s official press release states that the level of expertise and arrogance of Christian puts a couple of noses out of joint at the hospital, but that doesn’t mean he lacks a sense of humor … or a softer side for those he wants to let in.

Indeed from the recent promo it seems that he is quickly getting on the wrong side of new colleague Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee), as she finds him casually on the phone at the reception desk of the emergency department with his feet up on the desk.

When she asks who he is, she is surprised when she learns about his identity and there is clear tension between the two as they share a lift in another scene together.

Yet it certainly can only mean one thing in Summer Bay ….

Moving ahead in the coming months, Palm Beach footage shows that Tori and Christian are finally going to enter into a relationship, with scenes taken in June featuring the pair settling in for a kiss.

But that’s not all, as further scenes witnessed last week at Palm Beach by fan Vicki Ross seem to show that Tori and Christian are engaged, with a ring on Tori ‘s hand visible.

See Christian and Tori coming to the surf club to find a large banner on the balcony emblazoned with “Tori and Christian together forever.”

Leah and Justin are ready to yell from the balcony asking the pair to come up with what we’re going to be some sort of lunch party, but Tori doesn’t seem to be totally pleased with the plan.

Bridie first announced the news via a post on Instagram two weeks ago, and later it was confirmed that she would be playing a property agent named Susie McCalister.



“She is a dynamic, really fun woman,” Bridie told The Advertiser. “She’s fiercely independent and she’s coming from WA to the Bay and, let me say, she’s particularly friendly with some people.”

Last week’s shooting appears to suggest Susie has formed a relationship with John Palmer (Shane Withington), with the two walking arm in arm down the sand.

Even after the recent breakup of his marriage to Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) will John be able to find his happy?

No information was given regarding the length of Bridie ‘s tenure as Susie but, speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Bridie said she was grateful that the opportunity was offered:

“I think it is miraculous that in these uncertain times when my industry is floundering that I got a phone call to say would I like to come to Summer Bay,” she said. “I was astounded and ecstatic at the same time. I am very fortunate and very grateful because I have a lot of friends who are sitting in a very precarious position.”

The role also marks the Bridie ‘s third appearance on the show.

She starred as Toni Jarvis, the publisher and then-girlfriend of the writer Mandy Thomas (Rachael Blake), in two episodes of the series in 1995.

She later starred as a guest as Brooke Taylor in 1999, who became infatuated with Travis Nash (Nic Testoni) because he was her deceased boyfriend David’s spitting image. It later emerged that David was the illegitimate half-brother of Travis and Joel.

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