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Home and Away Spoiler:This week will air a combination of joy and sadness on Australian television.

Home and Away this week will air a combination of joy and sadness on Australian television, after two tragic deaths in Summer Bay. The local community was left in shock in recent episodes, as both Mason Morgan and Robbo Shaw were killed in dramatic storylines. The latest Australian spoilers for the episodes on Channel 7 this week have now offered a sneak peek at what will happen next. This week, Channel 7 will show four episodes as loved ones of Mason and Robbo gather to pay their last respects. For comparison, though, Alf Stewart and his wife Martha look to the future as they tie the knot in a heart-warming ceremony once again.

Spoilers follow below

Episode 7277

Marilyn reveals to Alex after the hospital siege that she is suffering from normalcy. Bella gives her a blessing to Mackenzie. Colby reassures Jasmine. The city of Summer Bay paid its condolences at the funeral. (Australian airdate: February 3. UK airdate: March 17.)

Episode 7278

Dean allows Ziggy to say goodbye to Mason. Bella is relieved to be released from the hospital, at last. Jasmine is pressuring Colby to answer some tough questions. (Australian airdate: February 4. UK airdate: March 18.)

Episode 7279

Homehold Stewart is planning for the big event. Unwittingly, Dean and Marilyn threaten to blow up the identities of the Paratas. The new pit backfires for Jade. (Australian airdate: February 5. UK airdate: March 19.)

Episode 7280

A special moment for Alf and Martha. Would Nik and Ryder set aside their misunderstandings to save Jade? Once Marilyn learns that her good deed has undesired consequences for the Paratas, she's on the weak side. (Australian airdate: February 6. UK airdate: March 20.)


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