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Home And Away star Cameron Daddo spills on his shock return to Summer Bay as an entirely different character

Home and Away debuted a new character to Australian screens this week in very rare conditions – taking back the actor Cameron Daddo to play a second role.

Cameron has just bowed out as Ryder Jackson’s father Evan Slater, but we hope that no one has tried to throw him a party away because he’s back as a different guy – Summer Bay newcomer Owen.

Home and Away UK fans aren’t going to visit Owen for a couple of weeks yet, so if you want an early taste of what’s happening on earth, don’t go any further.

Who is Owen in Home and Away?

The Australian viewers of Home and Away got their first sight of Owen late last week when Roo Stewart saw a character that resembled Evan roaming around the Bay.

Since Summer Bay has a reputation for ghostly visions, Marilyn was quick to suggest the idea that the spirit of Evan had returned to visit Roo.

Meanwhile, Roo feared for her health as she wondered whether Evan’s loss had imposed a toll on her mental well-being. She was the one for his final days at Evan’s side, and was also present at the moment he passed away from his terminal illness.

At the start of this week, a freaked-out Roo had more sightings of Evan’s suspected “ghost.” Incapable of seeking a reasonable explanation, she went ahead with Marilyn’s idea of a session trying to get some answers.

Luckily, there was no need for an Ouija board to solve this mystery because Alf and Ryder both came face to face with Evan’s lookalike – who is really alive and not a ghostly presence. (Once at Home and Away.)

When the man identified himself as Owen, he explained that, when traveling, he must have come to the Bay solely by accident. He should have been attracted to the place while driving by (spooky!) but simply as a coincidence, he crossed paths with Evan’s loved ones.

It all began to become apparent when unexpectedly Ryder realized that Evan had been adopted. He instantly remembered that Owen is actually the long-lost brother of Evan, who has not had a chance to meet him and has never even noticed that he existed.

Owen denied being adopted himself, but Ryder believed his mother, who has since passed away, never told the full tale about his past.

Our decision, right? All pretty frustrating, but at least nowhere near as much head-spinning as the Bogus Dee saga of Neighbours.

Spoilers Home and Out-what ‘s next for Owen?

Home and Away managers have so far not shared any about their plans for Owen. He is actually credited as a guest character but has opted to hang around in the Bay for a brief time until he gets his mind around his new family member discoveries.

That seems likely to cause problems for Roo, who is grappling with the connection that Owen shares with Evan. His appearance at the Port, after being with Evan during his final moments, is taking back feelings that she has not completely experienced.

Official teaser spoilers released by the show have announced that in forthcoming episodes Owen will continue to pursue more answers from the Stewarts about his family history, while Roo is struggling to cope with her grief. It seems like things are getting messy.

What did Cameron Daddo say about his new role?

Cameron has the rare privilege of rapid succession playing two positions in Home and Away-and he couldn’t be happier about how things worked out.

Previously, the actor had told Digital Spy that he wished he could have remained for longer as Evan, as he enjoyed playing the part in his time. Looks like the next possible thing to be making lookalike Owen.

In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, Cameron explained: “Luckily, I had enough flexibility between playing both characters. I was able to bring Evan ‘to bed’ and then build Owen’s backstory. Luckily, I never played both at the same time.

“When I started Evan’s trip, I knew there was going to be an end. I found myself, within a few weeks, asking them to find ‘a solution’ or a way to prolong my stay at the Bay. It was such a fun and imaginative place to work.

“When Owen’s proposal was proposed on me I was thrilled.”

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