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Home and Away star Luke Jacobz writes an emotional post about a delayed engagement

On what would have been his wedding day, Home and Away star Luke Jacobz wrote an emotional social media message.

The singer, who plays Angelo Rosetta on the soap, was due yesterday (November 12) to tie the knot with fiancée Raychel Stuart.

The arrangements were, however, revised by the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of travel limitations, the pair have not seen each other since the beginning of 2020.

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Luke posted a collage of photographs of the two together on his Instagram profile, writing: “It’s 11:11 am on 11/11/2020 right now Today, I was scheduled to marry the love of my life. Sadly, COVID-19 forced us to delay.”

“CANCEL NOT,” he said. This year has been extremely difficult for us because since January 22-294 days or 7,055+hrs we have not seen each other which is 423,400+ minutes since I squeezed her hand, brushed the hair back over her neck, looked into her eyes, made her coffee, picked her up and hugged her, slapped her bum, danced slowly with her, made her breakfast in bed, opened her car door, She ran up the stairs with her, gave her my burger pickle, shared her popcorn, watched Jeopardy with her, hugged her face and kissed her…

“Luke went on to describe Raychel as the woman I have ever met in my life who is most beautiful, kind, funny, compassionate, caring, selfless, gracious, understanding.

He added, “We have been through some [incredibly] tough times.” “It’s been tougher this year than Thor’s Hammer, but we’ve tried very hard… and no matter where we are on this Planet, till the end of time, I would try my utmost to be her Starlord.”
“Raychel, I love you. I’m sorry it isn’t today. I’m sorry it isn’t tomorrow. But it WILL BE!! I know we just haven’t had our beautiful wedding yet… But to me… you’re my wife from today.”

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