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Home and Away star Patrick O’Connor explains Dean’s sad new struggle

Dean Thompson’s personal issues with his pain medication will be explored in the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

Patrick O’Connor’s character, who is recovering from the horrific automobile accident, begs partner Ziggy Astoni to leave the farmhouse while he sorts himself out in scenes showing this week in Australia (and later this year in the UK).

“He was alright with showing her how weak he was the last time [he was injured], since it was Willow caring after him as a friend,” the actor told TV WEEK.

“Ziggy, on the other hand, is a different tale. He wants to be the guy she need, but he isn’t now in a position to do so.”

Dean’s sister Mackenzie Booth arrives shortly after, finding him in misery on the floor. He implores her to assist him back onto the sofa, but then surprises her by refusing to take his medications.

Dean becomes hooked to prescription medications the last time he used them, and he doesn’t want to repeat those hazardous habits.

Dr Logan goes on to say that Dean has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as a result of a previous car accident.

“At this point, Mackenzie acts as a conduit between Ziggy and Dean,” O’Connor continued.

“He lacks the courage to tell Ziggy how he feels emotionally and physically, so he enlists the aid of Mackenzie.”

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