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Home and Away star suffered a panic attack, during rehearsals for The All New Monty

I’m feeling off. Sam Frost has a panic attack and flees rehearsals in tears for All-New Monty as she struggles with body confidence. With her struggles with depression and anxiety, Sam Frost was accessible.

And the Home and Away star suffered a panic attack during rehearsals for the show during Sunday’s episode of The All-New Monty: Guys and Gals.

Sam acknowledged before the dance rehearsal began, ‘The word sexy has been used a lot and it makes me feel incredibly nervous,’

‘I’m panicking and my chest gets heavy and I feel like I’m going to have to leave the room or scream. It is unbelievably demanding. I was feeling a little anxious.’

The former Bachelorette star subsequently thought that she was starting to panic.

The pleasant thing about feeling nervous is that you never know when it’s going to happen. I think I felt extremely nervous when I performed in front of the audience.

‘I feel really off. At the moment, I feel a little lanky,’ Sam admitted before she left the room to weep.

She was comforted by actress and fellow Monty actor Georgie Parker by breaking down and mopping away her tears.

‘It’s a struggle I’m personally facing forever, it’s always difficult in my own skin to feel relaxed,’ Sam said when she calmed down.

‘And I know that this is for a bigger cause, so I have to set it aside, but it’s really difficult,’ she said.

In admitting, ‘I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and my body,’ Sam was very frank.

Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa had previously told the actress of her performance: ‘I was absolutely terrified, I was trembling, I was really nervous.’

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