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Home And Away star Tammin Sursok shares her mental health battle after tornado scare

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Following a challenging few weeks, Home And Away star Tammin Sursok has provided a candid update on her mental health.

A few days after her eldest daughter’s school was placed on lockdown due to The Covenant school shooting, the Australian actress, who resides in Nashville with her family, experienced a storm scare.

The 39-year-old acknowledged her recent low mood in a post on Instagram on Sunday, writing: “I don’t know about you, but between the news and highlight reels on social media I’m not feeling it.” I feel frustrated, lost, and stuck.

As a mental health advocate, Tammin said it was her responsibility to share the strategies she employs to get herself out of a slump.

Among her tips was spending time with people you love, doing exercise to release endorphins and being compassionate towards yourself.

She also recommended that viewers categorize mental health problems into “seasons” to help with understanding.

“Embrace the season you’re in. Mark it. My season of contemplation is now. This is my time to unwind. My time of healing is now. It helps to know that something has a name, she said.

Also highlighting the value of leisure, Tammin wrote: “Hustle culture is real, and we feel that if we aren’t achieving daily then we are worthless.” This vicious circle is so deadly. To be our best selves, our bodies need time to relax and recuperate.

“Feed your body warming foods.” oatmeal, stews, soups, etc. These nutrients support the day-long elevation of feel-good neurotransmitters, she noted.

Finally, she urged followers to delete any negative content from social media.

“Stop doing anything that makes you feel inferior. Unfollow anyone who causes you to dislike your reflection. Consume material that advances your knowledge and helps you become a better person, she advised.

Know that I’m with you, Tammin wrote as her inspirational closing statement to her blog article. Anytime, DM me. And collectively, we achieved this. Once more, a bad day does not equal a bad life.

Tammin’s experienced a lot this month.

As terrible storms tore through Tennessee last Saturday, the brunette confessed her family had been placed under a tornado watch.

When the storm hit, Tammin posted a video to Instagram Stories of herself sitting on the couch worrying about it while her husband Sean McEwen and their two daughters Phoenix, 9, and Lennon, 4, were sleeping.

So, while my hubby is sound asleep, we are still under tornado watch. My family is all sound asleep. She sarcastically smiled as she informed her supporters, “And I’m sitting here, just stressing.”

You know what, though? I’ll be kind to myself and admit that I probably shouldn’t be worrying. It’s been a busy week. And I’m extremely pleased with myself that I haven’t fallen apart altogether. I will thus be waiting for tornado sirens while seated here, she continued.

The Pretty Little Liars star posted a video of her just awakened husband erecting a “makeshift tornado shelter” in their guest bathroom on Instagram one hour later.

What a week. Tammin had previously uploaded a screenshot of a weather warning alert. Nashville, take caution.

She also re-shared a clip of the tornado filmed by someone else, showing the swirling winds picking up pace on a rural highway. 

‘This is the tornado they are worried about,’ she captioned the terrifying footage.  

Luckily, the tornado didn’t end up hitting Tammin’s family home.  

It happened only a few days after Tammin’s daughter Phoenix was killed in the Covenant school shooting, which also claimed the lives of three other children and three adults.

Phoenix attends a school that went into lockdown since it is close to The Covenant school.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post the morning of the shooting, Tammin informed followers that “there has been an active shooter in one of the schools in Nashville… The school for my kid is immediately nearby. She is fine and is in lockdown.

In America, where school shootings occur almost yearly, she said the incident struck “too close to home” for many parents.

The worried mother disclosed on Wednesday that she had bought bulletproof backpacks for her two girls.

She went to a pro-gun demonstration the following day in front of the Tennessee State Capitol.

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