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Home and Away star wows fans with adorable throwback photo: ‘How’s the hair?’

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In the adorable school picture, Ada Nicodemou had a big hair day.

Not everyone has the courage to display pictures from their schooldays in public.

Ada Nicodemou, star of Home and Away, doesn’t mind, much to the delight of her admirers.

She shared a sweet school snapshot with her Instagram followers on Wednesday. She is smiling at the camera while wearing her school uniform and has a lace ribbon in her long, curly (dare we say, crimped?) hair.

The fans were present, and it was all very 1980s Madonna.

What are our opinions about this young woman? The image had a caption.

She followed up with “And how’s the hair,” adding laughing emojis.

Other Home and Away actors spoke up right away.

“I LOVE the hair,” Georgie Parker wrote.

Lynne McGranger continued, “I aim to get my hair like that every day.

One fan said, “You sure can recognise it’s you.

Another person added, “The hair is a vibe. “Gorgeous.”

Others remarked on how alike her young son Jonas and Nicodemou at that age appeared to be.

“Wow! Many people have compared Jonas to you, a fan wrote.

Another person said, “Your son looks precisely like you.

Your son is your double, a third person wrote.

Several people were preoccupied remembering the lace ribbon, bouffant hair, and wispy fringe fads.

“I overlooked the lace trend. Thanks for contributing! a follower wrote.

“There’s no issue with the hair. Another person added, “That’s amazing. That’s how we wore our hair and how we looked back then.

Another responded, “I have the same identical high school photo with my Madonna lace accessory.

Fans claimed that Nicodemou, who is now 45, had not changed and was “gorgeous” both then and now.

From the show’s debut in 2000, she has portrayed Leah Patterson.

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