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Home and Away: Will Angelo’s wife be Colby’s escape route?

Colby sees an opportunity in this week’s Australian Home and Away spoilers when a new face arrives in town, as he starts a dangerous game

Annabelle Stephenson’s debut as Taylor, the wife of recent returnee Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz), will be seen this Wednesday (26th August).

Assuming that Angelo is starting to see him as a suspect in the murder case of Ross Nixon, Colby leaps at the opportunity to be acquainted with the wife of the detective and use her to his advantage.

Annabelle’s first TV role was in the H20 series: Just Add Water, but she scored Sara Munello ‘s role in the Revenge ABC series after moving to the US. Her appearance at Home and Away sees Angelo ‘s wife playing her, 9 years after he and another woman left Summer Bay.
He was in a relationship with Nicole Franklin (Tessa James) when Angelo left Summer Bay back in 2011, moving to the city with her and her baby son George.

The two had grown close after Angelo helped deliver George when, suddenly on the beach, Nicole went into labour. He was instrumental in persuading Nicole to make a good mother — and shouldn’t give her baby up to Marilyn Chambers as she had originally intended.

Since his sudden return to Summer Bay, Angelo hasn’t given away much about his personal life but Marilyn heard from Irene that he and Nicole were no longer together.

Two recent promotions show that Taylor is about to arrive in Summer Bay and is set to get involved with Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), which could prove to be a dangerous game given that Angelo is currently investigating the killing of stepfather Ross from Colby.

Dean and Willow consider Colby cracking on the wife of the detective to be crazy. “You hit the missus of the detective …… you play with gas! “Dean warns him;” Willow says, “This is so bad,” but Colby tells him he knows what he’s doing.

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“This will work for us,” he reassures them in the new trailer, with Colby and Taylor’s shots sharing winks and sneaky glimpses at both the police station and Salt.

Meanwhile, when he looks up his file on the police database, Angelo is surprised to learn of Colby ‘s involvement with his old enemies the River Boys — a fact that will only increase his suspicions further …

Earlier in the day, when he came across weed crop from the River Boys, Angelo ended up in a two-week coma and Heath kicked him out. Angelo had already entered into a business partnership with Brax, something that he regretted when he realized Brax was laundering money using the company.

After making a hidden recording at the restaurant, Angelo had proof that Brax was seeing police officer Charlie Buckton and could threaten him to buy the rest of the company.

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