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Home and Away’s Ethan Browne and Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s friendship brings chaotic goodness to the Summer Bay set

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Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Ethan Browne of Home and Away may be family on TV, but their real-life relationship shines through when the cameras aren’t rolling!

For their characters, Nik (Kawa) and Tane, living in Summer Bay aren’t always easy being members of the Parata family (Ethan). Thankfully, it’s all a ruse because they appear to be wonderful goofballs who bring out the best in each other.

When they were cast on the show in 2020, they began dating, and while bonding over their big break, they also found solace in their common histories – both performers are New Zealand natives of Mori descent.

They’ve even been able to include their culture into the show, with a traditional hangi feast appearing in the background of one scene.

Ethan’s nephew, played by Kawa, took advantage of their on-screen power dynamic to make fun of his colleague on his birthday.

He posted a video of Kawa napping on set to Instagram, but as tranquility is not in his language, he jolted him awake.

Ethan captioned the hilarious moment, “Happy birthday my g hope you had a make day nice ever nephew!”

But this is far from the first time they have taken the mickey out of each other.

They ruthlessly pranked each other in August 2021, and it was really wild and crazy.

Kawa was the first to start the games by throwing a square of cheese at Ethan when he was napping (these two should probably not slumber in the same room), and Ethan’s reaction, which was captured on film, was nothing short of incredible.

It took him a second to realize what had just occurred to him, and when he finally realized that food had been thrown on him, he couldn’t take his smile off his face.

Ethan got his revenge, though.

He responded later that afternoon on Instagram, but his weapon of choice was wholemeal bread.

Kawa was lying down on a set couch, minding his own business, but he shouldn’t have been so relaxed because Ethan crept up behind him and slammed the slice over his head.

Once he realized what had happened, Kawa’s smile shifted from confused to a knowing grin.

We have found some of their cutest moments together from over the years, and it’s so clear they are brothers.

Kawa captioned this beach pic with a tinge of sarcasm. He wrote, “Feeling safe with Captain Aotearoa on the scene.”

They are very connected to their culture, and it has made them closer.

While doing press with their third Parata family member, Rob Kipa-Williams, Kawa posted this picture and he made fun of both his friends by penning, “Crackup times with dumb and dumber.”

They even go on getaways together.

Ethan and Kawa may be best mates but Rob makes the team even stronger… as pictured.

Ethan’s face says it all but in case it wasn’t clear he captioned this moment, “This fullah talking kaka again.”

Oooop no one take a nap on set!!!

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