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Home And Away’s Penny McNamee’s adorable duet with her daughter Neve proves talent runs in the family

Penny McNamee’s skills as a self-confessed musical theater fiend stretch well beyond merely playing Tori Morgan on Home And Abroad.
And the talented singer showed off her powerful pipes on Thursday, taking to Instagram to belt out the classic tunes of one Billy Joel, Piano Man.

But it was the cute sidekick of the 37-year-old who stole the stage entirely-her 16-month-old daughter Neve.
“Rainy afternoon sessions with my apprentice upstage, but cute,” Penny wrote.
In the hilarious video, Penny attempts to sing while playing the piano as Neve pulls an array of cheeky faces at the camera.
“It’s a jam! Ready? Where are we up to?” Penny tells Neve, before breaking into the song’s iconic chorus.

Neve plays the piano alongside her mum for several seconds, but the child quickly becomes anxious.
“What’s the problem? Oh, baby! Would you like a solo?” the actress asks her daughter, before pulling her on her knee so she can tinker from a higher point of view on the piano.
Delighted viewers rushed to Penny’s post’s comments section, with one even asking the beloved Home And Away to introduce her musical talents to the soapie.
“I love your voice,” they said. “Please can Tori become a singing doctor.”

Another added: “Beautiful to start her xx at the top.”
“Aww early penny learning and you have my precious xxx too many gifts,” a third noted.
Penny has appeared in a variety of hit musicals in Australia and the United States over the years, including Wicked, Daddy Long Legs, and The Witches Of Eastwick. Often she is an involved member in her choir for the church.
Penny has met her husband now in a high school musical party, Matt Tooker! They tied the knot in 2009, and are the proud parents of Neve and Jack, a three-year-old son.

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