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Sunday, January 23, 2022

    Home And Away’s Roo discovers that she’s not seeing ghosts, she’s seeing Evan’s confidential twin Owen found

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    The surprises over Evan’s life keep piling up this week as his long-lost brother discovers their family background. And Roo is unfortunately not doing it well.

    In recent episodes of Home And Away, Roo (Georgie Parker) claimed that her sorrow over the death of Evan (Daddo) caused her to have hallucinations, dreaming that she might see him.

    But nothing could have prepared her to meet his twin brother Owen-and not less so in Summer Bay!

    Marilyn (Emily Symons) is delivering an envelope to Owen at the caravan park which contains details about his family. It confirms that he is a twin of Evan and It is proof that he is identical to Evan and that at birth they were split, each adopted by a different family.

    “As for Owen, he is the only child and both of his parents have passed away,” Cameron, 55, tells WEEK-TV. “He arrives and faces this bombshell. He can not deny what he hears and sees; it is too true.”

    Owen shares his news that afternoon with Roo, Alf (Ray Meagher), and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) who look in shock. Roo does her best to hide her feelings, but she sheds a silent tear when no-one looks

    Ryder encourages Owen to learn more about his brother and introduces him to the guitar of his father.

    They share stories about their lives together and rejoice that brother Owen has never met.

    “Owen has no way to ask his parents for answers so he turns to Ryder and Roo,” Cameron says. “All are hesitant about him and Roo is trying to support him. It’s really confrontational for us.”

    Back at home, Roo confesses her true feelings for Evan to Alf. Maybe, after all, she loved him and now it is too late …

    How should she move on from her sadness with his twin’s arrival?

    Dean’s bombshell has Ziggy reeling

    Since Amber (Maddy Jevic) dropped Dean (Patrick O’Connor)’s bombshell of having a son, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman, both above) tried her best to be encouraging.

    Unfortunately, when Dean grows closer to both his son Jai and Amber, the mechanic starts to feel that she doesn’t fit in with the happy trio – not to mention that Amber makes it clear that Ziggy’s family has a little location.

    As they explore new areas, conflicts between Amber and Ziggy keep on increasing. Amber has agreed to introduce Dean as a friend to her son, hiding the reality that he is his dad.

    Everything changes though when the youngster asks Dean about his father. Dean, who can not lie, confesses anything and awaits the fallout

    To his surprise, young Jai is thrilled!

    “Raising Jai alone wasn’t easy, but it certainly brings them closer to incorporating Dean into Jai’s life and working on how to handle their new family dynamics,” Maddy tells TV WEEK.

    Ziggy joins the trio for lunch at the Diner but seeing their apparent connection leaves her in her stomach with an awkward feeling.

    Amber adds to Ziggy’s concern by reiterating that no-one should come from their relatives.

    “The connection between Amber and Ziggy is a complicated one,” says Maddy. “Amber is not purposely out with Ziggy to start drama, but they have different personalities – and with both having close links to Dean, there’s friction between them of course.”

    Ziggy makes an excuse for staying at the Farmhouse that night instead of at home.

    Dean is puzzled by the actions of his girlfriend, wondering what he has done to get her angry.
    Wiping tears away, a sad Ziggy packs a bag and walks outside the house ..

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