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‘I really struggled’: SAS Australia’s Dan Ewing reveals he suffered from anxiety

n Ewing has admitted that after joining the cast of Home and Away in 2007, he struggled with anxiety and used alcohol to cope with his newfound celebrity.

The 36-year-old actor confessed he struggled after being thrust into the spotlight in an interview with the ImperfectlyPerfect Podcast on Monday.

‘I had a lot of trouble. I was just a kid from the northern beaches, so shooting to fame on Australia’s largest show, Home and Away… I wasn’t ready,’ he admitted.

‘My partner at the time wasn’t ready, and I didn’t know it at the time, but I was really suffering from anxiety.’

Dan, who stars in this year’s season of SAS Australia, admitted that he used alcohol as a coping technique for his problems.

He continued, ‘I’d just pour all this booze down my neck and get completely written off on the weekend.’

‘You disguise it as,’ says the narrator “Oh, it’s just releasing steam. We’re all guilty of it “and it’s something we’ve all done. But I couldn’t see that there was a better approach, that there was a better procedure…’

Even while he was still ‘kicking goals work-wise,’ Dan said that it was “not conducive to a wonderful relationship, a great marriage, or a great lifestyle.”

‘It wasn’t like I was an out-and-out alcoholic, but I was simply going blind on weekends to relieve this worry that I wasn’t prepared for,’ he continued.

Dan also discussed his appearance on SAS Australia, where he stated that it was still very much a ‘TV program,’ with producers present on set.

During many of the show’s grueling trials, he said they would frequently have to reset sequences, giving the recruits a much-needed break.

‘But the tasks and the discomfort and getting called every name under the sun and the sleep deprivation and all that kind of stuff, that is 110 percent real,’ he added.

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