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INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY Seven EastEnders spoilers for next week including Whitney’s escape plan and Keegan’s rage

WHITNEY Dean wants to leave the country following Leo King’s mum slandering her online and accusing her of killing Leo King in EastEnders next week. Here’s the lowdown on what’s going on this week’s BBC One Soap …

1. Sonia gives Whitney advice

Sonia advises that Whitney forget Michaela’s meddling and return to work. But when she finds out that Leo’s mother is slandering Whitney online she is appalled. Sonia attempts to cover Whitney’s messages but finally, she sees them for herself.

2. Whitney decides to flee the country

Whitney convinces herself that she is going down to kill Leo. If Max visits, he makes matters worse and tells a depressed Whitney how terrible it is in jail. Whitney is terrified that she will end up behind bars for a crime she has not committed and decides that it is time to take matters into her own hands. Earlier, Whitney’s plan is crystal-clear when we see her passport grabbing in. Yet, before she tries to leave the country, can Gray stop Whitney in her tracks?

3. Tiffany has a go at Keegan

Next week’s EastEnders episodes will see Keegan spiral as he continues to reel from the latest racial profiling incident. After a dodgy copper planted proof blaming Keegan for criminal damage things aren’t looking great for the young man. Tiffany is swift to have a go at him for his poor mood and urge him to cheer up-but as he continues to sulk, her efforts are in vain.

4. Keegan explodes in front of Bailey

As all this goes off at the Taylors and explodes in a storm, Keegan can’t cope. Keegan is mortified when he eventually calms down to learn that his sister Bailey has witnessed his massive outburst. Will his angry outburst be a wake-up call for Keegan to face his sister?

5. Ash admits she loves Iqra

After an argument with Iqra, Ash vents into Vinny. Later, however, Ash seeks Iqra to apologize for her behavior. She says that she loves her and that they put their past behind her.

6. Stuart proposes to Rainie again

After speaking to Callum, Stuart decides it is time to propose to Rainie again. The last idea was hardly anticipated. So this time Stuart is planning an intricate plan that he hopes Rainie will win. But is she going to deny him once again?

7. Kush hides Tommy’s secret

Fans know Tommy is being bullied for his academic achievement at school. Kush drops Tommy off at school, and keeps keeping the identity of Tommy. He is asking Isaac to keep an eye on him, instead.

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