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“Is he my father?” Home And Away’s Ziggy questions Maggie over shock paternity scandal

The truth threatens to tear the Astoni family apart.

Marco didn’t get to play happy couples in Summer Bay. In reality, as she wants to expose the truth of her affair with him, her plan to blackmail Maggie is likely to implode – and in so doing, risk losing her children.
This week in Home and Away, school teacher Maggie (Kestie Morassi) chooses by revealing herself to put matters to ahead.
Her brother-in-law Marco (Tim Walter) recently approached her husband Ben (Rohan Nichol) on a business proposal. It’s a dodgy offer that would certainly rob their savings but foolishly agrees with Ben, who wants to mend things with his estranged uncle.

Maggie realizes that she has to avoid it, but Marco threatens to warn Ben about their secret liaison.

When Ben comes home, Maggie sits down and tells him the truth: she had slept with Marco before they were dating, during a brief time when Ben and Maggie had broken up.
Ben is drowned. He storms out of the building, without a word. Maggie pleads to stay and talk to him, but he can’t look her in the eye.

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Maggie wants to teach her youngest daughter Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) the hard way. Yet she doesn’t confess it all to her … “Ben is broken, Ziggy is broken, so so is Maggie,” Sophie says WEEK on TV. “Technically, no-one did anything wrong by not cheating and breaking up, but it’s the falsehood she’s been dragging with her.”

Ziggy, unaware of Marco’s frustration, asks him to help find her brother. Yet Ben lunges at his brother as they surround him on the sand. A bewildered Ziggy tries to divide the men.
Ziggy and Marco allow Ben time to cool off and head to the dinner where Marco discusses Ziggy’s things. He says he really loved Maggie, but when he heard she had returned to Ben and in nine months she was having a baby to walk down.

Ziggy’s ears were echoing the words as she contemplates what it all entails. Will Marco really be her father? “Ziggy feels terrible because she has forced Ben to rekindle his brother’s friendship,” says Sophie.

“But with one day, Marco ruined it. Whatever the reason, the main question is forever: how can you come back from anything like this?”

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