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Home and Away Review: Jasmine catch up lies to her at the farm

The writers are tearing the bandaid off quickly and sharing the tragic news — Ryder’s daddo has passed away, and Lukas Radovich’s moaning is so persuasive that I have almost teared up.

A couple of weeks ago, Ryder watched footage from the night of the big show then drops his camera into the river in a fit of frustration. Yet he discovers the iPhone isn’t cheap and gets it back.

Let’s hope he’s backed up and isn’t one of the fast and loose citizens who just miss the notes

Then his phone flips on like a miracle. He hadn’t yet got to put it in water.

Roo gives the expensive guitar of Ryder Evan, engraved with “my friend.”

Ryder continues to tweak, so perhaps somewhere in the middle of this sobering encounter, young Ryder could potentially become the next Ed Sheeran just as he and his dead Daddo joked.

But Jasmine does great ones, of course, and steals the stage with the never-ending string of lies and wild stunts.

Jasmine falls into life on the farm, digging holes of Robbo ‘s deceased parent, and she says that he “should just come here.”

It is a brilliant idea. We wouldn’t have to think about the negative plot lines of Jasmine too much, and that Jasmine is smiling only as it reminds her of the dead Robbo.

But everyone in Summer Bay cares so much about her, especially Tori who blames herself and even considers reaching out to Jasmine despite the restraining order.

“In her life, Jasmine has shut out any one who cares for her and that’s on me,” says Tori.

It ruffles Justin, who has been on the same side for months, and before forgiving each other, the brothers have a brief spat. In behalf of the manufacturers, it is very civilian.

Jasmine didn’t mention much about her fabricated internet life on the Shore, scheme to rob Grace or mark Tori as an incompetent mum, but even country folk Ian and Wendy smell a rat.

“That’s a big call mate,” says Ian.

We remember that Jasmine did not name Grace and came to a conclusion after speaking with Colby that Jasmine found herself in “hot water back home.”

Ian and Wendy brooch Jasmine on the awkward topic.

Jasmine plays nice, but then Irene and Colby make a surprise visit to the driveway and pull in.

Subsequently, her friendly attitude changes.

Yet again, her delusions have caught up with her because there isn’t somewhere where she can run to because she has no family — which I care about.

Jas is furious and goes right to the mark.

“Why do you stay here? , “she said.

She proclaims “I‘m fine” and things end there which means that tomorrow we ‘re in for a big Jasmine reckoning.

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