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Keanu is back for revenge whom he is going to kill??

Keanu Taylor  was fuming when he realized what the Mitchells put him through in EastEnders, and along these lines, he pledged retribution on the tribe before going on the run. That retribution could happen, as following his stun come back to Walford during the most recent scene — the youngster is determined to making Ben Mitchell  endure by taking the one thing he holds dear in Callum's Midway' Highway, however, will blood be shed? Callum's police evaluation lands in up and coming scenes, and Stuart and Karenconsole him in front of his huge day. In any case, as he surges around getting everything all together, he's no thought that he's being viewed by Keanu.Afterward, the doorbell rings and Callum takes off to check who's there, however, he's not set up for the sight before him, as the riddle guest is none other than Keanu somebody whom Callum immovably accepts to have perished. A short time later, Ben is concerned when he discovers that Callum never appeared for his appraisal, and he gets a mind-blowing stun when he keeps an eye on his sweetheart just to discover Keanu sitting tight for him  with a stunning interest. Truly, Keanu needs £100,000 and issues an astonishing risk one that he's arranged to finish if Ben enlightens anybody concerning what's happening. Stressed for Callum's security, Ben burns through a brief period in facing Martin, and reality turns out and as it does as such, the two of them come to understand the gravity of the circumstance.

Afterward, Callum winds up at risk as Keanu demonstrates to Ben that he's not somebody he ought to disturb. With Keanu hellbent on seeking retribution, and given all that he's experienced he has almost no left to lose. Subsequently, would he be able to maybe murder Callum with an end goal to cause Ben to endure? Maybe the cash is essentially a bait to cheapen what he's meaning on doing? The tables have well and been turned and Keanu is out for retribution, however, will poor, guiltless Callum end up trapped in the crossfire accordingly?

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