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Maisie Smith hints at a return to EastEnders by admitting to sobbing her way through the last scenes.

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EASTENDERS star Maisie Smith has teased “she’ll definitely come back” to the soap in the future.

The 20-year-departure old’s from the BBC drama after 13 years as famous character Tiffany Butcher was announced in October.

Tiffany walked away from Albert Square amid poignant circumstances, and viewers were moved to tears.

However, Maisie has stated that she has left the possibility of her character’s comeback open.

Lauren Laverne, who interviewed her on The One Show on Tuesday, asked if her character could return in the future.

The actress responded by saying: “At all times! It’s a truism that you never truly leave EastEnders.”

“They’ll always find a way to bring you back,” she continued, “and I’ll absolutely come back.”

The redhead opened out about her final moments, saying she and her co-stars were left in a blubbering mess.

“I’m a cry baby generally,” she admitted, “particularly with Shona [McGarty] – she really draws it out of me, and we just sobbed in all of our last moments.”

“Even the beautiful times, we just sobbed,” she says, “because it was strange because obviously I’ve said goodbye before and I remember it so clearly, and it just feels like time has gone!”‘

She went on to say: “I’m sorry to have to say goodbye again because you’ve created such a great family.

“You see the same people every day, work with them, and form such wonderful friendships with everyone, so it was difficult to say goodbye to everyone.

“Even the nice times, we just sobbed,” she says. “It was strange because obviously I’ve said goodbye before and I remember it so clearly, and it just feels like time has gone!”

Her most recent plotline saw her divorce her spouse Keegan and start a new romance with far-right thug Aaron while preparing for divorce.

Her final shots showed her in floods of sorrow near Walford Tube station, waiting for her husband to come and pursue her down, but to no effect.

She’d written an intense love letter to her childhood boyfriend, pleading with him to run to her if he truly desired her to be with him.

She had no idea that her brother Liam had tossed the letter and replaced it with the signed divorce papers and Keegan’s jewelry inside the envelope.

Tiffany was spotted going into the train station while Keegan sobbed back on the Square, while a Christmas choir performed songs in the background.

Fans were struck with grief during the last scenes, and rushed to social media to reveal that Maisie’s departure had left them “sobbing.”

“I’m honestly bawling at EastEnders,” one fan remarked, while another agreed: “Not me catching up on EastEnders over a takeaway sobbing at Tiff leaving.”

“I’m sobbing, shaking, and crying,” a third said, while a fourth added, “I just had a genuine cry as Tiffany left.”

“I haven’t watched EastEnders in over ten years, so I decided to watch it today, and now I can’t stop sobbing,” said a fifth individual.

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