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Major changes may come home and go on in the near future.


British media group ITV studios are in talks with Seven West Media about buying its Home & Away production business.

The Age notes that for several months the firm has been looking into the offer, but other companies, including Disney, are also looking at the business.

ITV studios had previously been looking into buying on the Australian market in 2014 before bowing out after CBS purchased Network Ten in 2017.

While Packed to the Rafters has been licensed to Amazon Prime, Zumbo's Only Desserts has a huge international following on Netflix and My Kitchen Rules is one of the biggest models in the sector.

Home & Away also has deals meaning it's airing in the UK and New Zealand.

While it is doubtful that any adjustments will come to the shows suddenly, but as models are being developed, our favourite shows could be modified.


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