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Maria Connor confesses that she slept with Ali Neeson.

Maria Connor, from Coronation Street, confesses to Carla next week that she betrayed her Boyfriend Gary.
Maria wants someone to talk to after ruining her life with Gary by giving in to the temptation with her ex-boyfriend, Ali Neeson.
Last week, ITV's teaser photos showed Maria and Ali kissing at the barbershop. Nonetheless, it can now be revealed that their love is going forward, and they are sleeping together.

Maria knows that she made a big mistake only after her close interaction with Ali. Although she had felt scared about Gary's recent strange behavior and questioned their future, it turned out that he was planning a romantic surprise proposal.
Misjudging Maria's mood, next week Ali calls her to come to his flat and begs her to give another opportunity to their relation. Ali is sure she cares about him the same way, not knowing she already regrets being with him.

Thus, Maria confides in Carla by revealing that she had sex with Ali, but she deeply regrets it and wishes to be with Gary.
After making a final decision, Maria finally informs Gary she would love to marry him, and they end up publicly announcing their news a few days later.

Ali puts a brave face in front of everyone and holds Gary's hand, later she met Maria at the barbers and requesting her not to tie the knot with Gary, shows his true feelings. Maria requests Ali to stay out of her life. When Gary found out what happened, will there be problems ahead?

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