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Mark Furze, the former star of Home and Away and The Voice, covers his shaved head with a blonde wig and beret as he embraces his female side

On Sunday Mark Furze got in touch with his feminine side.

In an amusing Instagram shot, the former Home and Away actor, who recently appeared on The Voice, dressed a blonde wig and a beret.

The fake waves were flowing across the bearded face of the 34-year-old, cascading from under his red hat.

The actor, who usually wears a shaved head, seemed to be in a dressing room and sporting a black floral shirt.

The photo was captioned by actor and singer:’Bonjour Beach. I’m a mad ratchet, bougie, classy.’

In the semi-final, Mark was dropped from The Voice, losing out to fellow Team Kelly participant Chris Sebastian.

The actor first came to fame in 2004 as Eric ‘Ric’ Dalby-who was Alf Stewart ‘s nephew, played by Ray Meagher.

Since leaving the soap in 2008, he appeared opposite Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Sharni Vinson.

The star secured a part in Underbelly TV series: 2010 ‘s Golden Mile and 2011 ‘s Australian film A Heartbeat Apart.

Over several years, the actor moved to the US but was unable to make it big in Hollywood.

Later, Mark turned his attention to his music and to his band, Falcon Road, which then featured on Voice.

He ‘s married happily to actress Laural Barrett.

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