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Members of Coronation Street disappointed when Oliver coughed his birthday cake all over.

Last night CORONATION Street viewers sickened when they saw little Oliver eating his birthday cake all over.

The hour-long episode on Friday night saw the youngster celebrating his big day by blowing the candles out – but only after spluttering on them.

Young Oliver celebrated turning 3 by coughing his cake all over

The germ explosion did not seem to concern the actors-but the viewers were less confident, with one tweeting: "Oliver coughing his cough all over the cake." Another asked: "Has the

boy on # corrie just coughed all over the cake?

"A half goes to an emoji bowel movements, and wrote: ' Fecal bacteria throughout the cake.' From the outset, the group was ruined when Steve sent the wrong image to both the chefs.

The sickly lad blew out the candles on his birthday cake last night

Steve sent the wrong picture to the bakers – so it he appeared instead of the Incredible Hulk


Oliver didn't seem to want to join in the party raging around him

Steve reckoned he'd come up with a quick-fix solution

Instead of a photo of The Incredible Hulk in the middle of the plate, Steve McDonald was seen at the bar with a friend.

But by painting their faces in purple, Steve managed to fix things, announcing: "Two Amazing Hunks for the price of one." And Oliver was in no mood to rejoice yet,

lying on the sofa for most of the season alongside him. Yet he managed to climb around the cake and splutter, before putting the lights out.

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