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More trouble for Home and Away as actor Rob Kipa-Williams complains about the writing for his character – amid Sam Frost’s anti-vax controversy

Last year, he made his debut on Channel Seven’s Home and Away.

However, it appears that Rob Kipa-Williams is dissatisfied with the plot for his character Ari Parata.

Last month, the New Zealand actor took to Instagram to express his dissatisfaction with the writing for his character, claiming that Ari had grown less ‘rugged’ since his debut.

‘Remember when Ari used to dwell on the grumpy side of life?’ Rob commented beside a photo of Ari looking somber at the beach.

‘Ari, I miss you.’ ‘Seriously,’ said one fan, to which Rob responded, ‘Me too.’

‘My spouse mentioned this yesterday,’ remarked another admirer. When Ari initially arrived, he was described as “raw, gruff, and chill.”

‘I prefer him more ruggedly written… oh well,’ Rob said.

It comes after Rob’s co-star Sam Frost, who portrays Jasmine Delaney, caused anger by calling Covid-19 regulations “segregation” over the weekend.

Segregation is a term that is commonly used to characterize communities that are split along racial, religious, or sexual orientation lines.

‘I was extremely worried about shooting a video or even speaking up about this type of issue, but I feel like the world is coming to a place where there’s a lot of division,’ she said in an emotional Instagram video on Saturday.

‘There’s a lot of harsh judgment and views being tossed about a lot, and it’s definitely affecting my mental health, and I know people around me are hurting, especially if they don’t want to be vaccinated for whatever reason.’

‘There are many various reasons why individuals do not get vaccinated, and it may be because of their medical history, their fears, their family history, or religious beliefs.’

Sam then claimed she hadn’t been vaccinated, but that she had discussed her option with both her medical doctor and a psychotherapist.

She does not, however, appear to have a legitimate medical exemption.

‘It’s a really terrible moment to be in society right now, and you feel like you’re less of a human, and you feel like others criticize you,’ she continued bitterly.

‘And you’re afraid to express your thoughts or sentiments, and a part of you wants to say, ‘Well, it’s none of your damn business why I’m not!’ And there are valid reasons for this, and I don’t want you to pass judgment on me.’

She stated that it was critical for the unvaccinated to take care of their mental health, especially when fully vaccinated Australians regain their freedoms.

The 32-year-old disabled her personal Instagram account and shut all comments on the account for her mental health organization Believes By Sam Frost after receiving considerable criticism for her video.

Later, Channel Seven published a statement in which it stated that it “highly promotes” vaccination and that Sam was still employed by the network.

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